WWE Inches Closer to Sale

A key obstruction to the sale may be softening, according to the latest report.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is looking to pin down a sale despite previous doubts that long-time Chairman Vince McMahon would be willing to sell. 

But CNBC’s David Faber described the negotiation process as “hot and heavy” despite the fact that McMahon owns nearly 40% of WWE and holds more than 80% of the voting power.

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“Is there private equity interest? Yes. Perhaps in partnership with well-known names in the sport? That’s a possibility,” Faber said Tuesday while noting that WWE has a couple of attractive inflection points in the near future including Wrestlemania and its expiring television contracts. 

“A key here though remains McMahon’s real willingness to sell,” Faber said. 

WWE Asking Price

There were reports last month that McMahon was looking to sell the company for as much as $9 billion. 

 McMahon, controlling shareholder in WWE, returned to the company in January as executive chairman and is getting started on negotiations for a new television deal.

Potential buyers include Endeavor Group Holdings  (EDR) – Get Free Report and others in the Middle East, according to Bloomberg

At 77 years old, McMahon is overseeing a strategic review of the company, having originally left WWE in 2022 after revelations he had settled sexual misconduct claims for millions of dollars.

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