Women, Divorce, and Retirement: Answers to Your Questions

For women especially, financial planning after divorce can be tough. For the answers to all your questions on assets, housing, Social Security and more, sign up for our free webinar.

Your divorce is final. Now what? For women especially, handling the details and preparing a new personal finance plan brings challenges and opportunities. Join Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily on TheStreet for a free webinar featuring leading divorce and financial planning experts to explain next steps and answer your questions in this live event: Women, Divorce & Retirement: Creating Your New Personal Finance Plan.

Divorce and retirement planning experts Amy Shepard, a partner with Sensible Money; Rick Fingerman, the managing partner of Financial Planning Solutions; and Katie Marsden, a wealth adviser with Buckingham Strategic Wealth will discuss what divorcees need to consider when it comes to their financial and retirement plans.

Why is it important that you attend this webinar? Divorced women over 65 are significantly more likely to live in poverty than their married counterparts, according to the Pension Rights Center.

And we want to help you avoid that.

Many have a mountain of questions about dividing assets, housing, budgeting, working and Social Security, as well as how family obligations, workplace equity issues, and the gender pay gap impact their planning and needs.

Women, Divorce & Retirement: Creating Your New Personal Finance Plan: Register here for this free event, scheduled for 1 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday, Nov 16.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss everything you need to know about divorce including the following topics:

What is the best way to divide retirement assets?How can you obtain what is called a qualified domestic relations order or QDRO? The QDRO must be signed by a judge, and accepted and approved by the retirement plan. But many women are unable to access benefits awarded to them by a divorce decree because, according to the Pension Rights Center, they do not know to obtain a QDRO, cannot obtain one, obtain an order that is not accepted by the plan, or are unable to navigate the procedures for submitting the order to a retirement plan.Should you sell your primary residence?How much do you need to save for retirement? Since your assets earmarked for retirement might be less than before, it is important to continue saving if possible to help meet your goals in retirement.When should you claim Social Security based on your work record or that of the divorced spouse?What is your risk tolerance with respect to your investments? It may be quite different than when you were married.Your income and assets are probably greatly reduced than when you were married. How will that affect your financial plan?Do you have a comprehensive financial plan that takes into consideration that you might have less in the way of financial resources?Do you have a plan to monitor and adjust your plan?In the live webinar, our experts will also answer questions you might have on those topics as well those about alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, employee benefits and estate planning.

If you’re recently divorced or in the process of getting divorced, you won’t want to miss this free webinar produced by Retirement Daily on TheStreet. Register here.

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