Why Are Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne Feuding?

The rap legend and the ‘Shark Tank’ host have become quite upset with each other.

Modern life very often seems like some all-powerful being picked two random nouns, a random verb and several adjectives out of a hat and threw it on a board, and now we all have to try to make sense of what it all means. 

Is the internet breaking our brains? Or are we now just much more aware of how strange life is and always has been? It’s impossible to say. 

This brings us to the latest absurdity that the world has to offer us. 

Lil Wayne (aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.), one of the most dexterous and popular rappers in the world, is feuding with Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, television personality and co-host of “Shark Tank.”

Why is this happening? Well, why does anything happen anymore?

But here, let us explain.

The Lil Wayne Vs Mark Cuban Feud, Explained

Cuban is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the world, with his fingers in all kinds of pies. 

But to many people who don’t pay much attention to the world of high-stakes business, he’s simply the majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, which recently advanced to the Western Conference Finals.

Luka Dončić, point guard for the Mavericks, is one of the prize players for Cuban’s team. 

But after the Mavericks lost the first game in the Western Conference Finals to the Golden State Warriors, Lil Wayne took to Twitter to express his displeasure.

Wayne, a noted basketball enthusiast, apparently took issue with ​​Dončić’s performance in particular, and let his feelings be known in a Tweet that quickly went viral.

Cuban has a public persona as a bit of a loud mouth. 

One doesn’t co-host “Shark Tank, one of the meanest shows on television, if they are a shrinking violet. 

So he felt compelled to respond, via Twitter.

The Tweeted image featured a line from Lil Wayne’s song “Uproar,” in which he raps ““it’s a shitshow/put you front row.” 

Wayne was reportedly quite upset that his own words were used against him, and that the Tweeted image included a picture of his son.

In response, Wayne returned to Twitter and offered Cuban his urine. He also included other thoughts.

The Tweet was quickly captured before it was deleted.

View the original article to see embedded media.

This Beef Goes Back a Ways

Lil Wayne has long been known for his various rap beefs with everyone from Young Thug to Pusha T to Jay Z. 

But Wayne’s displeasure with Cuban is apparently a long-running concern.

As noted by Complex, the two had been on the outs since 2011. Wayne was living in Miami and watching a great deal of Miami Heat games. 

He met Cuban at an afterparty to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks Championship win.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who were members of the Heat at the time, had an undisclosed falling out with Wayne at the time.

He was then subsequently banned from Heat games for a while, leading to a rift between Wayne and Cuban.

It’s not uncommon in the rap world for feuding parties to put aside their differences and join forces for a song, in order to show the world that the beef has been squashed. 

So will this lead to a song that is credited to Lil Wayne feat. Mark Cuban? 

It would be the logically strange conclusion to this bizarre confluence of celebrity.

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