Wendy’s Has a New Weapon In The Fast Food Breakfast Wars

Wendy’s new item is certainly an AM favorite.

Like clockwork, fast food joints are tackling on a new initiative: breakfast items. 

With the increasingly difficult task of keeping up with food trends and maintaining a delicious product that pleases its customers, many of these brands are doing their best to capture the interest of hungry morning commuters in need of a quick meal.

Newer players have been joining the fray too, such as Taco Bell  (YUM) – Get Yum! Brands Inc. Report, which launched its own take on breakfast back in 2014. And now Wendy’s  (WEN) – Get Wendy’s Company (The) Report has announced it’s expanding its breakfast menu with a new item to appeal to those who love their morning meals sweet.

The Breakfast Wars

The Breakfast Wars


Breakfast items coming to fast food chains previously known for their lunch and dinner items have been a more common thing as of late. In fact, breakfast has become a full on war on which company can release the most unique and trend-setting item as soon as possible. 

McDonalds  (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation Report is part of this war with its odd breakfast items like the McGriddle (warm, maple flavored griddle cakes with sausage patties in the middle) or Hot Cakes and Sausage (essentially pancakes, syrup, and a sausage patty). Even Starbucks  (SBUX) – Get Starbucks Corporation Report sells unique breakfast items, like its Egg Bites which come in three flavors: Kale & Mushroom, Bacon & Gruyère, and Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper. 

Burger King  (QSR) – Get Restaurant Brands International Inc. Report also follows this trend and sells various breakfast items such as a Double Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Croissan’wich (sausage, bacon, egg, and American cheese on a croissant) and a Fully Loaded Buttermilk Biscuit (sausage, egg, bacon, ham, and American cheese on a buttermilk biscuit). 

Wendy’s  (WEN) – Get Wendy’s Company (The) Report breakfast items are a newer addition, such as its Breakfast Baconator, which contains grilled sausage, bacon, American cheese, an egg, and a Swiss cheese sauce. But now it’s adding another new item to tempt folks to come to the drive-through in the morning.

Wendy’s Newest Breakfast Item

Recently, Wendy’s has been getting increasingly creative with its menu items. From the Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger to the Strawberry Frosty, what could Wendy’s possibly introduce next? 

Many students remember cinnamon-coated, sweet French toast sticks as something they ate at the school cafeteria. As you might’ve already guessed, Wendy’s plans to add them to its morning menu. 

Wendy’s New Item: French Toast Sticks

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The French Toast Sticks have been described as a “perfect balance of soft, custardy interior with a crispy golden-brown outside.” They will be grilled and fried for a short period of time and then served either as a six piece combo or a’ la carte. Of course there’s no French Toast without syrup, which will also be included.

When Will They Be Available?

Wendy’s Drive Through

Joe Raedle/Getty

The French Toast Sticks are rumored to hit menus August 10th, 2022. And the best part? They will be found at all Wendy’s locations nationwide.  

Interestingly enough, Wendy’s is not the first to release the French Toast Sticks to its menus. Burger King had them but was unsuccessful, as noted by Daniel Kline for TheStreet: “…Burger King has struggled to innovate in the morning (sorry, French Toast Sticks). The chain has been working on improving its morning menu and gaining share for a few quarters.”

Wendy’s stock as of mid-day August 1, 2022 is down 10.95% (year-to-date). Investors who find Wendy’s attractive should watch as the French Toast Sticks are introduced throughout the United States.  

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