Walmart Has Easy New Way to Shop That Amazon, Target Don’t Offer

Walmart starts offering new ways to shop that Amazon and Target don’t have yet.

Walmart  (WMT) – Get Free Report recently launched its TrendGetter to enable Walmart shoppers an easy way to find and shop influencer products by just taking a picture of the product, and artificial intelligence does the rest. The new A.I. tool finds the product and provides the best price. 

So, while shoppers are out an about or at a friend or family members house, they don’t have to ask, ‘where did you get that,’ they can just take a picture and find the product or similar one right on the Walmart app or through Walmart’s website.

Walmart recently introduced this new way of shopping, but had been available through Amazon  (AMZN) – Get Free Report through its StyleSnap that it launched in 2020, where shoppers can take a picture in the Amazon App or on the website to find the product for sale. Walmart was leveling the playing field by launching its TrendGetter earlier in December and now it’s set to push ahead by adding even more convenience for its shoppers.

Walmart Adds New Way to Shop 

Walmart is bringing a new way to shop to its customers, Text to Shop. This free new shopping experience allows anyone using an Android or Apple smart phone to be able to shop via text. Walmart’s Text to Shop is even better when smart phones users are set up with voice text. Instead of opening the Walmart App or going online to, shoppers can just text Walmart’s Text to Shop and start shopping. 

“Between balancing your busy schedule, performing at work, managing your household, preparing meals — and ensuring you’ve got everything you need, when you need it — you’ve got a lot going on,” Walmart’s Vice President of Conversational Commerce Dominique Essig said in a statement. “At Walmart, we know that keeping track of your household shopping list is often a mental task you manage as you go about your day. That’s why Walmart is excited to offer our customers a new and convenient way to shop — by simply texting us.” 

Walmart also shared some of the customer feedback about using the Text to Shop feature.

“When different things pop into your mind you’re usually out and about running errands. I don’t have time to log into the app and add to the cart.” – Keisha

“We know that for busy families and young professionals, finding opportunities to slow down and live in the moment is a priority. That’s what inspired Text to Shop,” Essig concluded.

For online shopping sales on Black Friday last month, 48% of online purchases were made using a mobile device.  For Thanksgiving Day online sales, 55% were made using a mobile device, according to Adobe Analytics reported by RetailDive’s Dani James. Both sales figures were an increase from 2021.

Texts Make More in Life Easier

Walmart’s new way to shop through texting is similar to a new and enhanced version of using Amazon’s Alexa to create and make shopping lists. But Text to Shop takes it a step further rather than just making a list to use later. It allows the shopper to complete the purchase and even schedule a pickup time all from texting. 

When shopping with Amazon’s Alexa, it just helps you create a list, but doesn’t know the products you usually shop for and suggest them when making the list, it just makes a list for the user. Unless the Amazon Alexa user said “add Frank’s Almond Milk to the shopping list,” it would just add milk. Walmart’s Text to Shop will already know what kind of milk you already buy and suggest Frank’s Almond Milk when you text to buy more milk. 

Amazon and Walmart both are making strides to make the shopping experience as easy as possible and as convenient as can be. While Target, Walmart and Amazon all have online ordering, delivery and pickup, only Walmart and Amazon have a way to take a picture and find it at the retailer. Target does not have that feature yet. Walmart is the only one of the major retailers that has enabled shopping via text. The shopping experience is just within the users’ fingertips. 

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