Twitter Torches Taco Bell on Mexican Pizza’s Second Demise

Taco Bell knows how to fire up its customers on Twitter. Just eliminate the Mexican Pizza.

Taco Bell, which debuted its Mexican Pizza in 1985 and took it away in 2020, pleased many of the menu item’s fans when it announced that it was bringing it back to its menus in mid-May.

Reviews on Twitter have been mixed since Mexican Pizza returned to Yum Brands’  (YUM) – Get Yum! Brands, Inc. Report Taco Bell menus on May 17 for Loyalty program members and on May 19 for the general public. Several negative tweets hit Twitter in the first days after the Mexican Pizza relaunch, but also many positive reviews have come flying in since.

Tweets included, “Got mine yesterday and it was delicious. I think the veggie one was even better. @tacobell #mexicanpizza”

But among the opposite opinions were: “I just got my hands on #mexicanpizza and they changed the crust no longer flaky goodness. I put it in the trash. @tacobell why change a great thing to something not good at all.”

However, one of the most common complaints on Twitter is that at Taco Bell location after location, diners could not get the Mexican Pizza because they were told it was “sold out.”

“So anyone else go to @tacobell just to find out the #Mexicanpizza was sold out?”

Less than two weeks after relaunching the Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell has shelved the menu item once again. The decision to take the Mexican Pizza off the menu was not because of displeasure with the fast-food item. It’s actually the opposite. High demand for the menu item led to it being sold out at many Taco Bell locations.

The Mexican Pizza consists of seasoned beef and refried beans between two flat flour-based crispy shells, similar to tostada shells, with Mexican Pizza sauce, three cheese blend and tomatoes on top. Sounds pretty basic as far as ingredients go, but Taco Bell can’t get enough of the products to keep offering the item to customers.

The company sent a letter to its employees about the situation that was posted on social media.

“Because of the incredible love for Mexican Pizza, we have begun selling out across the country. We will communicate this to our fans later this week. The Mexican Pizza will return later this year; you’ll hear more from us as that date approaches,” Taco Bell communicated to its employees.

The Twitter response to Taco Bell’s decision to take the Mexican Pizza off the menu has not been supportive.

“The entire nation is disappointed in you, @tacobell. You should’ve planned accordingly. You could’ve had your most profitable year ever probably, but you can’t give the customer what they crave. Get rid of something else and give us back the #mexicanpizza. Quit playing around,” one tweet said.

“Well that was quick @tacobell #Mexicanpizza fail,” tweeted one disappointed person.

Another angry tweet said: “Excuse me @tacobell. What exactly do you mean by you’re out of #mexicanpizza and they won’t be returning?”

And at least one person with a rewards coupon is out of luck.

“Hey @tacobell I have a reward for a free #Mexicanpizza until June 1 BUT you have already taken it away!!! None of my locations have it!!! Great marketing!!! I expect another freebie when it comes back.”

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