Twitter Reacts to Rumor Amazon May Launch Stand-Alone Sports App

As Amazon CEO Andy Jassy continues efforts to expand Prime Video’s sports profile, social media users offer some robust opinions.

Amazon (AMZN) – Get Free Report Prime Video began its foray into sports programming in 2017, acquiring rights to stream some NFL Thursday Night Football games.

It began streaming Premier League soccer matches in 2018 in the U.K.

Prime Video, in 2021, announced it would exclusively broadcast Thursday Night Football in a deal that will last from 2022 to 2033.

Andy Jassy, the Amazon CEO who in January 2021 took over the reins from Jeff Bezos, has publicly stated he was an advocate of increasing the company’s investment in sports programming.

Now, according to a report, that sports content may well include an additional effort to boost revenue the streaming service brings in.

Report Says Amazon is Thinking About a Sports app

Amazon is considering a stand-alone app for sports content, a story from The Information claims.

“The move comes as CEO Andy Jassy doubles down on the company’s streaming ambitions,” the publication reported on Dec. 28.

“Amazon could be thinking about new ways to squeeze revenue out of the billions of dollars in deals it has inked to stream live sports events, which so far it has mostly included in the standard Prime membership,” it said.

Theo Wayt, a co-writer of the story, tweeted about what he reported people briefed on conversations about the idea said.

“Amazon is working on a stand-alone sports streaming app. The move suggests CEO Andy Jassy is considering new ways to squeeze revenue out of Amazon’s pricey streaming rights deals, such as a possible separate sports tier of Prime,” he wrote as @theo_wayt on Twitter.

Twitter Reacts to the Rumor

The story generated reactions on Twitter from users with some strong opinions on the subject, including some thoughts about the NCAA’s Pac-12 conference and a potential Amazon play in that space.

“Amazon trying to own everything is quite concerning. This needs to be nipped in the bud as this does not benefit the consumer,” wrote @KeithRRichard.

“But still an app. So if I’m watching an event on the app and want to watch something else on TV for a min I need to leave the app then re-enter the app,” tweeted @The_MrNeutron.

“Would anyone bet against Amazon versus ESPN/ABC/Disney and FOX/Newscorp long term? PAC-12 moving early versus late seems like the right move given the circumstances,” wrote @leftcoastute.

“Can these giant companies just stop the nickel and dime crap?” asks @themountain54. “It is killing us. You have to take out a second mortgage to get everything you used to have on cable.”

“You are free to just say no, as many of us have,” writes @JamesGlessner1 in response. “Many radio broadcasts are free. Do you really have to see it? We all know what a field and court look like. Spectacular plays are available for free almost immediately.”

“I been telling y’all this for months,” tweets @gt496. “An added fee on top of Amazon Prime. It’s the only way Amazon ‘ensures’ no money loss. Sports content was never going to be included permanently with Amazon Prime accounts. They will treat it as a new revenue stream.”

“As I see it, the main beneficiaries of this will be the illegal streamers. If someone wants to watch the Pac 12 they’ll be heading to Reddit CFB Streams,” suggests @mlondo856.

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