Tosca Musk, Elon Musk’s Sister, Reveals His Hidden Talents

Tesla’s billionaire CEO sometimes cooks for his family.

Elon Musk is on all fronts. 

He wants to become a kingmaker in the next presidential election in 2024 where he has already pledged to devote $20 million to $25 million to support the candidate of his choice. He will be a Republican. 

He has just fallen out with former President Donald Trump, whom he asked to end his political career. Tesla’s  (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc. Report chief executive officer also abruptly withdrew his offer to acquire Twitter for $44 billion after nearly three months of psychodrama and twists. The saga is now moving from the boardroom to the courtroom because Twitter  (TWTR) – Get Twitter Inc. Report has taken legal action to try to force Musk to keep his commitment. 

The richest man in the world also continues his showdown with the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of Tesla’s most powerful regulators.

Between all these headlines, Musk also continues to interact with his fans on social networks where he gives his opinion on various issues, talks about the latest books he has read, pushes people to have children for stop the decline of the population and announces the new products and services of its multiple companies.

Elon Is a Cook

This abundant activity often gives the impression that we really know Musk as he is now part of our daily lives through the media coverage he receives. But if we know the public man, it seems that the private man remains an unknown. Tosca Musk, the mogul’s sister, has just revealed some information about how her billionaire brother is in the family intimacy. We learn, for example, that the serial entrepreneur does not hesitate to don the chef’s toga for his brother and sister.

“I don’t know if they’ll agree with me – but I think we share a lot of characteristics,” Tosca Musk recently told The Sunday Times in an interview. “We certainly enjoy each other’s company… We try to see each other as often as possible. Kimbal’s a chef so he’ll cook dinner. Normally we’re just hanging around the table and having a chat and laughing.” 

Elon often cooks too: “He once made exceptional cinnamon buns,“ Tosca told the paper. “It was more than putting them on a plate. There was some doughy thing he had to do. They were delicious.”

Elon Musk, 51, has a brother, Kimbal, and a sister, Tosca. Kimbal, 49, is a restaurateur, chef and entrepreneur. He is a shareholder of Tesla and owns The Kitchen Restaurant Group. Tosca, 47, is a film-maker and director who runs the streaming platform Passionflix, which adapts romance novels for the screen.

Elon ‘Is Never Wrong’

Tosca also says that Elon is always available to give advice but only if we want to follow them: “He said to me, ‘I will give you advice. But if I give you advice you need to take it. Otherwise, I’ll never give you advice again.’ I was like, ‘If you give me advice, I will take that advice,” she told the Sunday Times. 

When the newspaper asks her if the advice given by her brother was the right one, and and if Elon had ever been wrong Tosca does not hesitate: “No, he’s never wrong. Not even a little bit.”

“I’m incredibly proud of my older brother. He is a phenomenon. He’s exceptional in so many ways and his goals to help humanity are beyond anything that anybody can imagine. So there’s no taint at all,” she said.

Tosca also looks back on their childhood in South Africa where they were all born. She says things weren’t easy for their mother Maye because their father Errol was abusive. Errol physically and mentally abused Maye in front of them, said Tosca, who is keen to respond to Elon’s critics who believe he comes from a privileged background.

“Some people spew hate language towards us because they think we grew up with a silver spoon and were given everything – which is so far from the truth. When I was growing up it was just a matter of survival,” Tosca said.

She also said that Elon tried to protect their mother from their father by hitting him. And that Errol had destroyed the things that Maye had bought for them to get revenge on her.

“I don’t like that my kids watch YouTube and there are jokes about my brother; it makes them feel a little uncomfortable. And they don’t understand why people would say [negative] things about him.”

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