Top industries for 2024 grads to start their careers

With graduation season in full swing, Linkedin has released its 2024 career guide with tips and tricks for newcomers navigating a competitive job market. Linkedin career expert Andrew McCaskill joined TheStreet to discuss the fastest growing industries for new grads.

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CONWAY GITTENS: So we talked about the state, the overall state of the job market. What about the state of the job market for these new entrants?

ANDREW MCCASKILL: So the thing I think is really important for we just released our new career starters guide and we’re seeing that the competition is really, really fierce for work right now. Not only are people who are looking for entry level jobs, you know, the new grads are out there, but about a third of Gen Z said that they’re actually thinking about changing jobs. So they’re going to also be competing against those Gen Zers who are thinking about job hopping. But there’s good news. There’s a ton of work out there still. We’re looking at industries like warehousing. We’re looking at industries like transportation. We’re looking at industries like health care that are actually really, really hiring right now. 

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In fact, we’re seeing that in education, and in health care. They’re having these major staffing issues. So they’re offering incentives for folks in those industries. They’re really staffing up for that. So there’s really good news. There’s also really good news, in fact, that, yeah, we’re seeing some declines in some of the roles and industries for like financial services or tech. But even in the midst of those certain jobs, we’re seeing a big boom like there’s in for instance, in financial services, there’s the analysts for investment banking. We’re seeing those numbers for people like trying to get hired for hiring and analysts for investment bankers through the roof, largely because all of the changes in the economy. But there’s certain jobs that are going to be really in high demand. Take a look at our career starters guide and some of those most in-demand skills and begin to sort of match them up. And there’s a lot of opportunities for our career starters. 

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