Tom Hanks’ Favorite Coca-Cola Drink Is As Odd As It Is Delicious

Tom Hanks creates a new drink and shares its ingredients for other two taste test.

Coke and Diet Coke fans are typically firmly in their own camps and rarely venture outside of the soda world to try new things, but in this case, they might make an exception. 

The rivalry between Coca-Cola  (KO) – Get Free Report and Pepsi  (PEP) – Get Free Report is over a century old and just as fierce as ever. While both drinks have a considerably large market share, part of what makes Coca-Cola and Pepsi successful is the fierce loyalty each of their respective drinkers hold for them.

Pepsi has kind of lagged behind Coca-Cola, albeit not far. Some may recall the 1970’s Pepsi commercial claiming people would choose Pepsi over Coca-Cola in a blind taste test. The challenge took Coca-Cola by surprise as it was a direct campaign against its fans and flavor. Pepsi assumed that if fans didn’t know they were drinking Pepsi instead of Coke they would prefer Pepsi. 

This publicity stunt worked, and Pepsi did get Coca-Cola’s attention — jusy maybe not its customers. Coca-Cola responded not necessarily against Pepsi, but to the market by introducing Diet Coke, and it became the most popular sugar-free soda in the world. 

Coke Gets a Fist Bump From America’s Dad

Tom Hanks, dubbed America’s Dad, is an actor and filmmaker known worldwide for his iconic roles. Hanks, who’s been on a media tour for his new feature film “A Man Called Otto,” stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” While there, Hanks introduced viewers to a ‘Hanks Family Tradition,’ a cocktail of sorts.

Hanks told Colbert that he is not a big drinker and usually just has a Diet Coke. Hanks was celebrating with his wife of over three decades and per usual, Hanks had a Diet Coke in hand. Champagne was being passed around and Hanks turned heads when he said just put a bit of champagne in his drink. People thought he was insane, but Hanks claims that it was delicious.

Following the story, Colbert and Hanks toasted to 2023 with a glass each of diet ‘cokagne.’ Obviously, the new word is the use of both words, Coke and Champagne. 

“We have the Tom Collins, we have the Tom Hanks,’ Stephen Colbert quipped, referring to the new drink Hanks created. “It’s really strangely, strikingly, shamefully good because it’s so refreshing. You give that little caffeine, too. Just keep you going through that champagne,” Colbert confessed to Hanks.

Hanks took his concoction to “Today with Hoda and Jenna” as well, they were not as open to trying to new cocktail. After trying the unique combination, Hoda said, “It’s kind of good.” Jenna also changed her tune and said, “I’d like to apologize publicly,” meaning it was tastier than she thought it would be. 

Just Add Coke

Coke and Diet Coke aren’t a new combination to other alcoholic beverages. Coke gives lots of different adult beverages a sweet twist at the bar. Mixing with wines and sparkling wines is a new twist on it, though.

Rum and Coke or Diet Coke is an easy as they come, you get your bubbly soda and a splash or two of rum to dice it up. There are other ways to create the exact same drink with a twist, using cherry coke or vanilla rum. 

The fun thing about mixology is you can anything and if it tastes good, you’ve got yourself a new mixed drink. While Hanks added shot of champagne to his Diet Coke, mixology is all up to the creator and drinker. The drink combination may not take off, but it might spark some interest with Diet Coke and Coke fans enough to give it a try sometime. 

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