This 2-pack of cooling memory foam pillows that ‘relieved neck pain’ is on sale for under $50 at Amazon

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If you’re still sleeping on flat pillows with filling that’s so compact it’s barely there, it’s time to toss them out and get your hands on a new set that’s more supportive. After all, pillows can make or break your quality of sleep and can actually help with spinal alignment if you choose the right ones.

Right now, the Supa Modern Standard Memory Foam Pillows are on sale for $49 for a two-pack, which equals under $25 apiece. Apply Amazon’s on-page coupon to secure the 30% off. What’s unique about them is you can adjust the amount of shredded memory foam filling inside to ensure the pillow is a good fit for your preferences. This makes them great for all types of sleepers whether you lie on your back, stomach, or side.

One side is even made with cooling gel that makes the surface cold to the touch and is perfect for hot sleepers. During the winter, or whenever you get too cold, you can flip it over and use the normal side that’s covered with soft and breathable bamboo fabric. You’re practically getting two pillows in one, making the price even more worth it. 

Supa Modern Standard Memory Foam Pillows, $49 (was $70) at Amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

These pillows provide ample amounts of support for your neck, shoulders, and back right where you need it. The memory foam filling forms to your head and neck to promote healthy spinal alignment and also maximizes comfort. They’re also backed by more than 9,000 five-star ratings to prove their quality and are ranked in the top 10 best bed pillows overall at Amazon.

One satisfied customer who is a repeat buyer boasted that they “relieved my neck pain” and added, “I bought them two weeks ago and have not had any more neck pain or headaches since. I wake up refreshed every morning and am thankful I tried them out.”

“Truly, I had no idea a simple pillow could change my life,” another shopper wrote. “I put my head on the pillow and fell fast asleep. No tossing, no turning, the pillow maintained its coolness throughout the night and I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in YEARS. I know it sounds silly, but this pillow has been a lifesaver.”

Considering a single pillow can cost over $100 from other brands, getting two of the Supa Modern Memory Foam Pillows on sale for under $50 sounds like a steal — because it is. 

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