These Restaurants are Counting on World Cup Goals and Wins

Fans will love that these restaurants are all in on the World Cup.

Big sporting events and other large media events can create a stir among businesses to try to figure out a way to attract customers who are following a game or event. This isn’t really creative marketing but just a way to ride on the coattails of something big that is happening for a short time.

The World Cup’s worldwide soccer competition being held in the Qatar is the latest sporting event that has captured the imagination of commercial establishments. The tournament, which is played every four years, will next be played in 2026 in America with games held in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Expect a crowd of sponsors to embrace the 2026 World Cup as it approaches, but the Qatar World Cup has a good share of businesses, such as restaurants, associating with this year’s international event. 

Businesses and restaurants are no stranger to working out promos to entice customers to visit their establishments. They come up with catchy phrases or playing off scores to offer customers incentives to join in on the fun and perhaps buy something or get something free. 

You Too Can Score During This World Cup

Wendy’s  (WEN) – Get Free Report jumped on the World Cup bandwagon and offered a free order of fries if the United States Men’s National Team defeated England on Nov. 25. The purchase had to be made in the Wendy’s app in order to get the free fries. The game ended in a tie, so since the United States still technically didn’t lose, Wendy’s decided to honor the promo and still give away free fries with an app purchase. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill  (CMG) – Get Free Report is also backing the United States Men’s National Team this World Cup in more ways than one. Chipotle is an official partner of U.S. Soccer, and it is taking advantage of all the eyes watching the world’s stage. It is estimated that over 15 million T.V.’s tuned in to watch the United States play England on Nov. 25. This was a record number of viewers for any men’s soccer match on T.V. throughout the U.S.

Chipotle is running a ‘Bowls for Goals’ promotion, which will give away up to $1 million free in Chipotle entrees for every goal the United States Men’s National Soccer Team scores. So far, the U.S. and England game on Nov. 25 ended in a 0-0 tie and the U.S. and Wales score was 1-1, again a tie. So, the U.S. Men’s National Team has scored one goal, meaning Chipotle had to send out 5,000 codes for a free entree.

The U.S. Men’s National Team defeated Iran in its final game in the Group B round 1-0 to move ahead to the Round of 16. With another goal scored, Chipotle should be offering an additional 5,000 free entrees in this promotion.

While the World Cup Tournament continues, Chipotle also is offering two special bowls featuring U.S. Men’s National Team players. The Christian Pulisic Bowl consists of chicken, white rice, pinto beans, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and guacamole. The Weston McKennie Bowl is double chicken, white rice, extra tomatillo-red salsa, extra sour cream, cheese, lettuce and guacamole. 

The Games Must Go On

Wendy’s doesn’t seem to have another ongoing World Cup promotion right now, but you’ll need to follow its company Twitter to see if they have another offer. The free fries may be back, or that might have been a one-time offer from Wendy’s. The company’s  tweet about the free fries was released on Nov. 22 and the game wasn’t until Nov. 25. 

The Chipotle free Bowl’s for Goals will go until either the U.S. is out of the tournament or until Chipotle has given away $1 million in free entrees. Remember each goal scored, 5,000 free codes will be given through the Chipotle app. You have to have the app to win a free entree, so download it soon, otherwise you might be competing with over 15 million other burrito bowl soccer fans.  

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