Tax deadline 2023: Don’t miss the last day to pay your taxes!

Another year has flown by and it seems like tax season is on us yet again! If you’re worried about the 2023 tax deadline flying by you this year, you’re not alone. The last day to file taxes for 2023 is right around the corner — let’s make sure you’re ready!

Sure, there’s the one big Tax Day for most filers. But there are also plenty of other dates when taxes are due for 2023 — particularly for freelancers, independent contractors, farmers, and so many more professions. 

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When does tax season start?

You can technically start working on your taxes as soon as you’ve got all of the appropriate paperwork. Some employers are true early birds and can have W2s or other forms in employees’ hands as soon as the second week of January. In general, as soon as the new year turns, it’s good to start gathering the necessary paperwork so you’re ready to go.

When can I start filing my taxes for 2023?

The IRS began processing tax filings on January 29, 2024, so you can start right now. 

My tax forms haven’t arrived — are they late?

If you haven’t received your necessary tax forms by late February 2024, it’s time to reach out. All forms requiring mailing should be sent by January 31, so if yours haven’t arrived, it’s safe to assume they’re lost. Requests for copies of W2s, 1099s, and other documents from an employer should be addressed to the employer. 

Can’t find your previous employer? Contact the IRS and they will try to track the forms down. You may be asked to fill out replacement forms in the unlikely event that the payer can’t be tracked down.

When are taxes due for 2023?

This year, the last day to file your taxes is on April 15, 2024. For once-a-year filing folks, Tax Day is the same day each year (April 15).

Residents in Maine and Massachusetts will have until April 17, 2024, to file their taxes. The two-day extension is due to Patriot’s Day and Emancipation Day.

What happens if I can’t make the tax deadline this year?

Do you need more time to get your paperwork together? Worried you won’t have all of your deductions figured out before Tax Day? It may be time to file for an extension.

Correctly filling out and filing Form 4868 on or before April 15 will extend your tax filing deadline until October 15.

Fiscal year dates for frequent filers

Did you know you can make tax payments quarterly? For those who always find themselves owing come April 15 each year, quarterly tax payments are a great way to stay caught up. This method is primarily used by people who are self-employed or contracted.

Essentially you can file each quarter’s taxes up to 15 days after the quarter wraps. If you overpay, you’ll still receive a return at the end of the annual tax season (sometime in April).

Fiscal year filing due dates for 2024

When the quarterly filing deadline falls on a weekend or a holiday, the due date rolls to the next business day.

Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023 (Q4) taxes are due Tuesday, January 16, 2024.Jan. 1 to Mar. 31, 2024 (Q1) taxes are due Monday, April 15, 2024.Apr. 1 to May 31, 2024 (Q2) taxes are due Monday, June 17, 2024.Jun. 1 to Aug. 31, 2024 (Q3) taxes are due Monday, September 16, 2024.Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, 2024 (Q4) taxes are due Wednesday, January 15, 2025.

More important tax dates for 2023 and 2024

Tax exemption status

For those who are exempt from an employer withholding taxes, you’ll need to have filled out another Form W4 and filed it by February 15, 2024. This is only for folks who see themselves being tax-exempt for another upcoming year.

IRA and HSA contributions

The final day to make contributions to your IRA or HSA accounts for the 2023 tax year is April 15, 2024.

Retirement distributions

Did you turn 73 in 2023? Be sure to make your first required minimum distribution from your retirement account by April 1, 2024. You’ll also need to take your required minimum distribution on or before December 31, 2024.

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