Target’s New Cereal Is Based on a TikTok Craze

A new breakfast brand hits Target shelves after shining on social media.

Target has brought unique brands to the masses and continues to do so with different branding partners. When you think about branding partners, it usually goes along with fashion and apparel. 

Target’s  (TGT) – Get Free Report partnerships with small businesses puts the products out for its customers to make or break the business. It is a risky move for the small businesses but can be worth it. The small businesses need to be able to handle the demand that could follow when debuting at Target.

While many businesses were struggling to survive during the pandemic, others were hard at work developing new products and ideas. Brooklyn based company Belgian Boys was one of those companies driving inventive new products. The small company, which makes quick and easy breakfast and treats, took a risk and did so with good intentions, as it donated its goods to front line workers. Belgian Boys 

Belgian Boys founders started with seeking a way to bring their memories of yummy foods growing up in Belgium to others. There is a conception that a delicious breakfast means there will be a messy kitchen, and Belgian Boys has cleaned up the mess and made it possible to enjoy a tasty quicky breakfast. 

TikTok Craze Comes in Bite Size Form

Belgian Boys got attention of Kind Bars’ founder through its generous donation during the pandemic. Kind Bars executive chairman and founder, Daniel Lubetzky invested in the Belgian Boys via investment company Equilibra Ventures, for an undisclosed amount of money, according to Forbes. Lubetzky made his fortune by selling his company Kind Bars to Mars, the candy maker. The Lubetzky buy-in was the first major investment received by Belgian Boys.

Since this investment, Belgian boys has formed a partnership with retail giant Target. The collaboration is bringing the Belgian Boys take on a 2020 TikTok craze of pancake cereal to breakfast tables everywhere. The product concept is fun and easy to enjoy, its cereal, yet its pancakes. This is a limited time offer but is going to be available nationwide on Jan. 30. 

The Belgian Boys Pancake Cereal will be available for $5.79. Target has already expanded its vegan options with its grocery partnership with social media fashion phenom Tabitha Brown, and this product from Belgian Boys is also good for vegetarians. The cereal just needs to be warmed up in a bowl in seconds and add milk and boom a hearty breakfast is served without all the mess of making pancakes.

Target Customers Can Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

The Belgian Boys products are the Bite-Sized Pancakes sold at $5.79 are microwavable or can be warmed up in a skillet. The packaging serves up ready to eat mini pancakes made without corn syrup, artificial flavors or GMO ingredients. If you prefer your breakfast European style, Belgian Boys also has Crepes and Belgian Waffles available for a limited time. Both are products are also sold for $5.79.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Belgian Boys is actually a women-owned business, which further expands Target’s initiative to promote women-owned brands. Target has worked to promote its women-owned brands and business partners and expand their visibility. Target attaches a specific icon to its brands that are women-owned, so customers who want to support women-owned businesses are easier to find and buy.

This partnership between Belgian Boys and Target wasn’t their first. Their first partnership came with Belgian Boys toaster ready Brioche French Toast in February 2022. There is definitely a craze when it comes to tiny bite size foods, and Belgian Boys is following the demand with its bite size breakfasts.

“At Belgian Boys, we believe that when it comes to indulging, we should indulge well. Our Brioche French Toast takes what used to be a messy, time-intensive weekend pleasure and turns it into a quick and easy any-day breakfast,” said CEO of Belgian Boys, Anouck Gotlib according to Specialty Food

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