Taco Bell Menu Adds a New Take on a McDonald’s Fan Favorite

The Mexican fast-food giant has some new menu items that McDonald’s fans may find awfully familiar (even if it’s not intentional).

Taco Bell has built its business, at least partially around the idea of not being McDonald’s (MCD) – Get Free Report or any of the other fast-food burger chains. The Yum Brands (YUM) – Get Free Report chain even used the phrase “think outside the bun” as a tagline and it launched its breakfast offering by making fun of the Egg McMuffin and other Golden Arches classics.

The Mexican chain has not been above borrowing things from its burger chain rivals. Its Nacho Fries are, well, fries. Yes, they have a bit of a spin to make them fit the Taco Bell menu, but they’re just french fries with some Mexican spices and nacho cheese dipping sauces.

Still, Taco Bell has resisted blatantly copying McDonald’s. It doesn’t offer a spin on a burger or its own variation of the Big Mac. Now, however, the fast food chain has been testing some new burritos and fans are questioning whether the items are actually what they’re being marketed as.

Instead, some people have suggested that Taco Bell’s new $2 Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito seems a lot like a beloved McDonald’s classic that many fans want the chain to bring back.


McDonald’s Fans Miss the Snack Wrap

The McDonald’s Snack Wrap was an attempt by the chain to add a menu item for people who were hungry but did not want a full meal. The line first apeared in 2006 and it was a pretty simple product — a tortilla filled with a Chicken Select (a piece of fried chicken), lettuce, cheese, and ranch sauce.

Snack Wraps have been off the chain’s U.S. menu since 2016 when franchisees pushed to get rid of them because they were complicated to make. It’s not that it was actually hard to make them, but they required processes that slowed down the overall kitchen.

McDonald’s has teased its fans multiple time recently hinting at a return for the Snack Wrap. In November, it made a Twitter joke about getting Taylor Swift tickets, “its easier to order snack wraps than it is to get these tickets.” that seemed to tease a return. That followed an informal social media poll earlier last year where the chain simply Tweeted “Bring back ____.”

Snack Wraps was one of the, if not the, most-requested items in that very popular Twitter vote. Now, it seems like Taco Bell has knocked off the Snack Wrap, even if it;s calling the new item a buritto.

Taco Bell Fans Clap Back 

Taco Bell customers have taken issue with the skimpy Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito being called a buritto, Eat This, Not That reported.

“At what point does a burrito become a wrap?” asks reddit user u/FileError214. “This is just a salad wrapped up in a tortilla.”

“I don’t know where the line is but this seems firmly in the wrap category,” u/StockAL3Xj added.

“I don’t dislike Caesar salad wraps, I just think it’s silly to call them burritos,” said another.

The Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito, another $2 item Taco Bell has tested in select locations, has been directly called a take on a McDonald’s Snack Wrap by some on social media.

“Holy Sh*t…the Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito is 🔥🔥🔥…Reminds me of the old McDonalds snack wraps,” u/895501 posted on Reddit.

That comment touched off a long chain noting how similar the Taco Bell offering is while also clamoring for McDonald’s to bring Snack Wraps back.

“I know this is a Taco Bell sub but man do I miss the crispy ranch snack wrap…,” KaterWaiter wrote.

Another commenter noted not just similarity, but that McDonald’s could easily bring the Snack Wrap back.

“It’s even worse because mcdonalds overseas has them, we just don’t deserve good things ,” howardtheduckdoe wrote.


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