T-Mobile Keeps Giving Customers More Free Stuff

The service provider has found ways to make its service more valuable by giving users free add-one they actually want.

T-Mobile is in a generous mood these days. It can’t seem to even stop giving.

While smaller options such as Mint Mobile are available, the mobile carrier world is dominated by three big names: AT&T  (T) – Get AT&T Inc. Report, Verizon  (VZ) – Get Verizon Communications Inc. Report and T-Mobile  (TMUS) – Get T-Mobile US Inc. Report, and the competition for new customers is fierce. Cell-phone users are notoriously not a loyal bunch, but contracts that can last for two to three years can often tie up a potential customer.

So in order to entice cell phone users (who make up a majority of the adult population) to go through the often arduous process of switching over their mobile carrier, companies really have to make an effort to stand-out and make it seem worthwhile to make a change.

T-Mobile Has Been Trying To Stand Out

Recently, T-Mobile has been making moves to appeal to pop culture fans and television obsessives, by offering to throw in subscriptions to Apple+  (APPL) , Netflix  (NFLX) – Get Netflix Inc. Report and Paramount+  (PARA) – Get Paramount Global Report with its Magenta MAX program. It also made it much easier to stream your favorite programs while flying.

The company has also made a strong pitch to seniors by offering a discounted T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan. It also launched BannedSeniors.com, which draws attention to the fact that Verizon and AT&T only offer discounts to seniors who live in Florida. 

As part of its ongoing Carrier Callout Program, T-Mobile is now offering to help customers either get a virtual mailbox in Florida to qualify for the senior discount (though you’ll still have to physically go to a store in Florida to verify eligibility). It’s also offered to help put customers in touch with Florida retailers, while also gently offering its own mobile plan as a more reasonable and convenient solution.

T-Mobile’s latest endeavor isn’t as overtly trolly or hilarious, and it’s pitched at a much different demographic, and like with T-Mobile’s partnership with streaming services, it comes with free stuff to entice people to switch their plans.


T-Mobile’s Latest Deal Targets Small Businesses

T-Mobile has teamed up with the Australian graphic design platform Canva Pro, which allows users to create social media graphics, printable materials such as T-shirts, digital ads and videos, and is designed to be easy to use. All eligible small business customers will get Canva Pro for six months, which can cost up to $119.99 a year per person or $149.90 a year for a team.

After free trial, the plan automatically renews at $12.99 a month until canceled.

Additionally, the ever generous T-Mobile has also teamed with Meta to offer $200 worth of free advertising on Facebook and Instagram to qualifying businesses. The offer will come via a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard, and can only be used for Facebook or Instagram, and it will expire in six months.

This offer is available to customers on the Magenta for Business, Business Unlimited Advanced and Business Unlimited Ultimate+ plans that have three lines, and it will also include Scam Shield Premium and Mobile hotspot data.

The deal will also include the free in-flight connectivity and the ability to stream all flight long that many other T-Mobile plans include, because business owners need to find ways to stay entertained during their business trips too.

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