Santa’s North Pole Home Gets a Big ‘Zestimate’

Real estate site playfully offers its take on the big guy’s house.

One of the single greatest joys of the online real estate site Zillow is a glimpse inside some of the most luxurious, gimmicky, bizarre, or obviously-haunted home listings. You might never be able to afford a multi-million dollar home–and if you are, you almost certainly won’t paint it in multiple hues of pink. But thanks to Zillow, you can window shop for the house of your dreams anywhere in the world. Do your dreams feature you living in a giant mushroom-shaped house suspended in the trees? You can find it on Zillow.

If home is where the heart is, then the human heart has truly ventured to some weird places. Still, so long as you’re happy and warm and surrounded by loved ones, it doesn’t really matter if you’re living in a house that looks like a ship on land or if you’re more of the underground bunker type. It’s the time of year when our homes are filled with love, laughter, and celebration.

Of course, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year, with all the visitors, the shopping, and the congregating. And if anyone on the planet knows that, it’s the main Christmas man himself, Santa Clause. And now, thanks to Zillow, you can take a look around Ol’ St. Nick’s cozy North Pole cabin.

Zillow Showcases Santa’s House at the North Pole

Zillow just premiered a look at the wintery wonderland that is Santa’s 2,500 sq. ft. home. Families can flip through pictures of Santa’s kitchen (equipped for all things cookie-making) or see Kris Kringle’s very own Christmas tree and his warm fireplace–perfect for roasting chestnuts. The home, according to the listing, was built in 1822–the same year that the poem “T’was the Night Before Christmas” was written. 

The cozy spot nestled at the tippy-top of our planet is described as “a winter lover’s paradise nestled on 25 idyllic acres. The property includes Santa’s main living quarters, a community of tiny elf homes, a state-of-the-art toy-making facility, garage with space for an all-weather sleigh, and stables that board eight live-in reindeer, plus a bonus stall for red-nosed company.”

And where do the elves live, you might be wondering? They live in Tiny Homes, of course! The property also features a toy workshop, reindeer stables, and a single-sleigh garage. Now obviously the home isn’t for sale, since its current occupants seem the only folks able to survive there. But its “zestimate” is listed at $1,154,137. That’s up almost 8% from last year. The listing doesn’t indicate current property taxes on the home.

Zillow Leverages Christmas Spirit

Alongside using NORAD’s Santa tracker to keep up with the big guy’s trip around the world, Zillow has found a really clever and interactive way to bring its brand to the holiday season. Plenty of kids are looking at their parents’ phones, swiping through pictures and imagining fitting into one of those little elf-houses. It’s a fun, family-friendly way to tie their brand to that warm, fuzzy feeling you get around the holiday times. If anyone’s currently on the hunt for the perfect home, Santa’s cabin is likely to be a heartwarming inspiration.

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