Samsung’s Ultra Slim Soundbar Is $300 off

This surprisingly thin soundbar packs a punch with sound and delivers on Dolby Atmos.

Samsung know’s a thing or two about aesthetically pleasing products and early this year they launched a lifestyle soundbar. 

Specifically, the HW-S800B and HW-S801B, but we prefer the friendly “Ultra Slim Soundbar” name. And now the thinnest soundbar in Samsung’s  (SSNLF)  audio lineup is seeing a $300 discount for Cyber Monday.

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Ultra Slim Soundbar HW-S800B or HW-S801B ($599.99, originally $899.99 at Samsung)


The star of this soundbar with subwoofer package is the black or white thin bar. It measures in at 45.7-inches in length and about 1.5-inches tall or wide. So a long, thin rectangle would be an adequate way to describe this.

And inside is a series of speakers to deliver immersive sound that can properly virtually position audio for a Dolby Atmos experience. And I’ve been testing the ultra sim soundbar for about a week and it has a surprisingly wide range for its sheer size.

Wide has a double meaning here, as it’s both left to right and top to bottom. Additionally, the wireless subwoofer basically automatically pairs and provides an extra oomph with bass. It works well for movies or TV shows as it’s connected to a TV, but you can also cast to it via NFC–by tapping your phone to the top of the bar–or AirPlay 2 to play music.

You can choose to rest the Ultra Slim Soundbar on a surface, like a table or home entertainment cabinet, but it can also be hung on a wall. And just like Samsung’s The Frame, the company includes a bracket for easy mounting here. Given the thinness here and modern look, it does pair quite perfectly with that TV.

As for the two separate models, the HW-S800B and the HW-S801B, it’s only a difference in color and not in functionality. Both are currently discounted to just $599.99 as part of Samsung’s Cyber Monday savings event as well. 

We’ll be back soon with a full review of the soundbar as well.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.

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