Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED and OLED TVs Aim to Impress

For its latest generation, Samsung is focusing on picture quality improvements to its core TV products like the Neo QLED and OLED TVs.

Samsung’s taking the stage ahead of CES 2023’s kickoff and unveiling its new line of TVs at its “First Look” event. For 2023, the tech giant and TV leader is sticking with what has been working in the space.

We have new Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs, an update to its OLED offering, and a few new accessories for The Frame.

In typical Samsung  (SSNLF)  and CES style, these will be arriving later this year with exact sizes and exact pricing coming at a later date. So for now we’re breaking down what’s new and also highlighting some terrific deals on the 2022 models.

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What You Need To Know: Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs


Quantum Dots have been a staple of Samsung’s TVs for years now and that’s not changing in 2023. And on paper the new Neo QLED 4K and Neo QLED 8K TVs should deliver a picture that is even more vibrant and detail packed, while also being held together in a modern build.

The QN900C is the flagship Neo QLED 8K model with basically an all-screen front. It pushes Samsung’s “Infinity Design” language to the edge–excuse the pun–with minuscule bezels all around. The large 8K resolution picture is the main focus and boasts a brightness of up to 4,000 nites. And that’s a big part of the story with Neo QLED 4K and 8K for 2023.

Samsung’s improving the picture quality with an improved Neural Quantum Processor that controls the Quantum Mini LED TVs. Brightness levels across the 4K and 8K models are improved and the processor can better control the image being created across the entire screen.

There is also a new AI to better analyze content and upscale it to a bright HDR regardless of the original source. Meaning that if you have an HD or 4K movie in SDR, it will be upgraded to an HDR view. Samsung calls this “Auto HDR Remastering” and we’re eager to see how this performs, in tandem with general content upscaling.

We’re eager to go hands-on with Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 4K and Neo QLED 8K TVs as we get closer to launch later this year. We’ll of course report back and share our thoughts, as well as full pricing and availability.

Samsung’s 2023 OLED Spans Three Sizes


The surprise for Samsung in 2022 was its entry into the category of OLED TVs. And they delivered two sizes, a 55-inch and 65-inch, that impressed with a premium, crisp picture in our testing.

For 2023, Samsung’s unveiling the S95C OLED, which sticks with a Quantum Dot OLED panel but tosses in a TFT layer to create more accurate colors and increases the maximum level of brightness. This should all add up to an even better picture that can get brighter for a more immersive view. It’s still under a half an inch thick, but the change is that it will come in three sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, and a 77-inch.

Like the Neo QLEDs, it’ll run a Tizen interface with various hubs and access to major streaming services. For instance, the Gaming Hub gives you instant access to streaming games from services like Xbox GamePass and Amazon Luna.

Samsung’s The Frame Gets New Bezels


As we hinted at above, The Frame got a serious upgrade in 2022 that has tested quite well. It’s a 4K QLED panel with a special anti-reflective final layer. This aids as The Frame is used just as much for displaying works of arts or photos as it is for watching TV. The result was art that looked more realistic and didn’t show reflections, be them environmental or artificial on top.

For 2023, Samsung is sticking with all of this and not making any changes to the actual TV itself. Rather, they’ll be introducing an easier to use Art Mode meaning you should be able to browse works of art and select them more seamlessly.

Additionally, Samsung is introducing metal bezels and more realistic wooden ones. There is a rotating wall mount that will let The Frame move from landscape to a portrait orientation with the click of a button. We imagine it’ll be similar, if not identical, to the current 55-inch to 65-inch auto rotating wall mount that Samsung currently sells at $349.

We’re waiting for confirmation, but we fully expect that the new bezels will work with the 2022 version of The Frame as well. The auto-rotating mount is already confirmed to work as well.

Best Samsung TV Deals


Now that we’ve gone through the news of what’s forthcoming in Samsung’s 2023 lineup, it’s time to walk through the current deals on the still-great 2022 TVs across the line. For most folks who want a vibrant picture with easy access to streaming or a screen that looks like a work of art, these will do more than just fit the bill.

55-inch S95B OLED ($1,599.99, originally $2,099.99 at Samsung)

If you’re shopping for a totally immersive picture in a room where you have good control over the lighting, an OLED is likely the way to go. While they can’t battle direct brightness of light shining on the screen like a QLED, they offer deep contrast points with incredibly accurate control over a visual.

Remember here that the picture is created from self-lit pixels, so individual pixels work to create the image and blooming is really a thing of the past. Right now you can save on the 55-inch S95B ($1,599.99, originally $2,099.99) and the 65-inch S95B ($1,999.99, originally $2,799.99).

65-inch QN85B Neo QLED 4K TV ($1,599.99, originally $1,899.99 at Samsung)

Samsung’s entry-level Neo QLED 4K TV for 2022 has a lot in common with the 2023 model. It boasts Quantum Mini LEDs to precisely create an image that is packed with details. You’ll also find that SD and HD content is automatically upscaled up to a 4K resolution here. It also sports the Tizen interface with access to streaming services and the dedicated gaming hub.

Right now, the 65-inch size is $300 off at $1,599.99 and you can also save on the 55-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch models.

The Frame 2022 (Starting at $599.99 at Samsung)

While the current 2022 The Frame isn’t discounted, it’s basically the 2023 model minus the new accessories and the updated smart interface. You still get a 4K QLED panel with a matte finish and anti-reflective coating, along with a fully-functioning Art Mode. Included in the box is a wall mount to make hanging it a breeze.

Additionally, you can save a bit on the cost by trading in a Galaxy smartphone and scoring up to $470 off the cost of The Frame.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publishing.

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