Royal Caribbean Brings Beloved Celebrity Feature to its New Ship

The cruise line has slowly been sharing information about its secretive new ship that will be the first of its class.

Royal Caribbean International (RCL) – Get Royal Caribbean Group Report has drawn out the introduction of its newest massive cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. The ship will be the first of its class meaning that the cruise line isn’t beholden to including any feature found on any of its previous ships.

When the cruise line builds Utopia of the Seas, for example, which will be in an Oasis-class ship, that comes with some expectations. The cruise line can tweak the formula — as it did on Wonder of the Seas by adding the new Mason Jar restaurant/bar — but it can’t say omit Central Park or the Boardwalk.

A new class, however, lets the cruise line reimagine every factor of the ship without being tied to any past ideas. That means that Icon of the Seas can bring both new ideas to the table and use some of the cruise line’s greatest hits. It’s an opportunity to both give the people what they want and give them features they did not know they wanted.

Royal Caribbean has shared very few details about Icon of the Seas but has now released two videos about its progress. The cruise line will also host a media event in Miami in late October where it will offer virtual tours and share a lot more details about the new ship (which it has said will take the crown as the biggest cruise ship in the world) when it sets sail.

The latest video in the “Making an Icon” series also suggested that Royal Caribbean will be borrowing a popular idea from its sister cruise line, Celebrity.

Image source: Celebrity Edge/Youtube

Icon May Have Indoor/Outdoor Balconies 

Celebrity’s Edge-class ships have indoor/outdoor “infinite” balconies that essentially make your cabin bigger while also giving you access to fresh air and the outside.

“With an infinite veranda, there is no permanent wall between the cabin and the balcony. Instead, the balcony area is enclosed on its outer edges with glass windows; the one facing the sea can roll down just like a car window at the touch of a button,” wrote Matt Hochberg of the Royal Caribbean blog, which is not affiliated with the cruise line. 

Royal Caribbean has not confirmed that these balconies will be on Icon of the Seas, but they make an appearance in the latest video.

“Accordion-fold doors can be closed to separate the open-to-the-air “veranda” from the cabin interior,” Hochberg wrote. “When not in use, roll up the windows, open the doors, and you have a roomier cabin with a sunny seating area at one end.”

Icon Will Also Borrow From Oasis-Class Ships

Icon appears, at least based on the video to include a Central Park area. That’s a controversial decision because while many passengers love the outdoor area, having am open area means that part of the ship needs to be open to the sky and that has an impact on at least parts of the pool deck.

Central Park on Oasis-class ships mixes an actual park with trees and flowers with a selection of restaurants and bars. There are balconies that overlook the space which often hosts musical performances at night.

In addition, Icon has what Royal Caribbean has called the “Pearl.” That’s a large spherical object that will be part of the ship. Its purpose remains unclear and the cruise line has not shared any details. The new video gives more looks at its exterior and what appears to be interior panels. 

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