Pepsi Keeps Making New Flavors Nobody Asked for

Pepsi is bringing yet another iconic flavor to the table.

Pepsi hasn’t shied away from trying new and interesting things to test the market. In the 1990’s, Pepsi introduced Crystal Pepsi, claiming it was the same great Pepsi flavor just without the caramel color. The beverage entered the market in what was called the Clear Craze of the 1980’s and 90’s

Since Pepsi  (PEP) – Get Free Report is not busy holding on to the number one cola drink spot in the world, it is busy chasing it. Is it cola? Is it pop? Is it soda? It’s usually all dependent on what part of the country you are from. The majority of people from the upper Northeast part of the country and the West Coast will call it soda. Midwesterners usually call it pop and people in the South might call everything Coke, unless they’re in North Carolina where it might be called Pepsi. No matter what you call the carbonated beverage, everyone usually has a favorite and will stick to it until they die.

Pepsi’s New Holiday Flavor

Pepsi is taking advantage of much of the world taking a break from day-to-day life to enjoy a celebration of a worldwide sporting love, the World Cup. Soccer superstar Lionel Messi is featured in commercials and other ads enjoying this new flavor from Pepsi as he competes with an entire town in a ‘friendly’ game of soccer. The new flavor is something many enjoy during the holidays season, but it’s a little different to have it in a cola drink. Pepsi is taking a chance on Nutmeg Royale, a cola flavored with nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a spice that is usually found in recipes for pudding, sauce, eggnog, baked goods, and many other things. It is used to add flavor to dishes, such as pumpkin pie. Fall brings the pumpkin lovers out to enjoy everything pumpkin spice, and in that celebration of the season, nutmeg is often used. Now, nutmeg in cola may sound great to some, but others may shy away from trying something new. Pepsi is offering a chance to try something new that consumers might enjoy like when they drink a pumpkin spice latte.

This new flavor Pepsi Nutmeg is offered in a very limited quantity and may not be available everywhere. Anyone interested in trying one of these new flavored drinks should follow social media to see when and where this holiday drink will be on the market.

Pepsi Has a ‘Thing’ for Unique Flavors

Pepsi recently released a trio of fall flavors in another limited-time offering, the chocolate, graham crackers and toasted marshmallow. This flavor is obviously bringing in customers who love their campfire season. Maybe they just want to enjoy the burning flame in front of them and not all the work to try and get that perfect s’more.

Instead of working hard to perfectly brown the marshmallow and get it onto the graham cracker with chocolate, just crack open a cold can of those flavors.

“S’mores is one of the most unapologetically delicious treats that everyone likes to enjoy in a different way,” Pepsi‘s Chief Marketing Officer Todd Kaplan said in a statement.

The drink apparently comes with all the flavors without getting crumbs everywhere, chocolate and marshmallows on your fingers and probably your cheeks. What’s intersting about the new flavors is that you can mix the drinks to get a unique flavor or concentrate on the flavors you enjoy most. Mix match and make it your own. 

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