New Trader Joe’s Popcorn Just Dropped

Here’s why people are freaking out about the latest Trader treat.

Trader Joe’s built its reputation on snacks and meals you won’t find at any other grocery store chain.

Every Trader Joe’s regular has a favorite dish. Some love the tangy, horseradish-laden kick of the Unexpected Cheddar, while others swear by the Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. 

Our sister publication Parade recently ranked the best snacks the California-based chain has to offer. (Weirdly high placement for the Fig and Olive Crisps, though taste is subjective.)

But like a shark, Trader Joe’s must ever swim forward, for stagnation would truly be the death of the brand. 

It’s not just important for the company to introduce new items, though. It’s also necessary to hit underserved markets, and to adapt to ever changing preferences and tastes, a goal the company has seemingly achieved with its latest popcorn offering.

Trader Joe’s New Popcorn Arrives Just In Time 

Just in time for AAPI month, Trader Joe’s has introduced the Hula Cruncha Popcorn & Rice Cracker Mix. 

It’s inspired by the “Hurricane Popcorn” from Hawaii, which was created by The Hawaiian Hurricane Company in 1991.

Hula Cruncha Popcorn & Rice Cracker Mix, as noted by Mashed, swaps out the original dishes’ soy sauce for tamari, thereby making it gluten free. It contains a mixture of popcorn, rice crackers, sea salt and cayenne pepper, and it’s also tree nut and peanut free.

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Even More Popcorn Is On Its Way

Summer is almost here, and more new Trader Joe’s snacks are on the way, as noted by Buzzfeed.

In addition to noteworthy items such as the Truffle Aioli, Truffle BBQ Sauce and the Tres Leches Cake, popcorn fans will soon have even more options to choose from.

Coming this summer is the Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn, which should be a treat for people that like their popcorn on the sweet side.

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