New Idea Replacing Popular Las Vegas Strip Venue

The pandemic brought a lot of changes to how Las Vegas operates and one casino has made a major, and permanent change to an area visitors love.

With visitors coming in droves and the city expanding its population to the highest level its ever been, Las Vegas has been a city of change in the 21st century. 

The cranes that dot the city skyline are building everything from new casino resorts and new sports arenas to new restaurants and social clubs. 

But there is a finite amount of space in the city, especially on the Strip, so with every new building that is built a little piece of the old Las Vegas is demolished. 

Now a new idea is coming to Las Vegas Boulevard, replacing a popular buffet that was closed at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

MSG Sphere Las Vegas


Aria Buffet Turns Into Food Hall

The buffet on Aria’s second floor promenade is quintessential Las Vegas, but now, Proper Eats food hall will take its place once it opens in December.

Clique Hospitality will run the food hall which will span 24,000 square feet on the second level promenade of ARIA Resort & Casino. 

The food hall will feature 12 different food concepts as well as “several in-demand” restaurants and bars. 

“This is a dream destination for me,” Andy Masi, founder of Clique said. “Our team is bringing together cocktails and cuisine from some of our favorite places in the world in one strikingly beautiful space in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip.”

Buffet’s have been a Las Vegas staple since forever, but now the food hall seems like a more modern solution for the need for cheap food at all hours of the night. 

“Going to a food hall is what people are more inclined to do now, rather than going to a buffet. It’s more individual dining choices with high-quality product. This is what the market is looking for,” Masi told the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Proper Eats will feature the first Seoul Bird outside of London; the only Wexler’s Deli outside of Los Angeles; and the New York break-fast staple Egghead by Tao Group.

Las Vegas Strip Becomes a Home for Innovation

The Las Vegas Strip has become home to all sorts of experimental ideas. That includes e-sports venues, a variety of AR/VR experiences, and the striking MSG  (MSGE) – Get Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. Class A Report Sphere, a unique performance venue, which will have U2 as its first headliner.

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With a price tag of at least $1.3 billion, the venue is a 366-foot-high steel sphere that will “be covered with about 580,000 square feet of fully programmable LED panels, forming the largest LED screen on Earth,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The 17,500-seat venue will have a high-resolution display plane, which is larger than three football fields, the world’s largest beam-forming audio system with more than 160,000 speakers and it will deliver superior sound to every seat in the house.”

The venue will serve as a pilot program for the company perhaps building more Spheres around the country or even the world. 

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