Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Attack Video Debunks Right Wing Theory

Police video of the October attack on Paul Pelosi was released Friday.

Video of the hammer attack that sent Paul Pelosi, husband of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, to the hospital with a cracked skull was released Friday, debunking numerous troll claims that sprung up in the initial aftermath of the incident.

San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Stephen Murphy denied a request from prosecutors earlier this week to keep the footage under wraps. 

On Friday the video was released to the public.

The video above shows the alleged attacker, David DePape breaking into the Pelosi’s San Francisco home, debunking claims that he was invited in by Paul Pelosi. 

Video of the actual attack was also captured by police bodycam footage.

One would think video footage of an incident would put to bed any disagreements about what happened the night Pelosi was attacked, but based on social media reactions, people seem to be drawing different conclusions from the footage.

A guest on the Fox network continued to claim the attack was fake, even as the video was played on the screen.

Social Media Fallout

Some, including a former Republican congressman, called for Twitter CEO Elon Musk to apologize for making light of the situation after he tweeted, and then deleted, a link to an article calling into question the official story back in October. 

Others called for Pelosi to take legal action.

Others questioned why it took so long for the authorities to release the footage, which some said would have stopped much of the speculation

Release of evidence in criminal cases can create problems for prosecutors by allowing defense attorneys to seek a change of venue by claiming their client can’t get a fair trial due to publicity in the case.

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