Musk Wants to Build ‘Ecological Paradise’ With ‘Retro-Futuristic Boats’

Tesla’s billionaire CEO wants to reinvent the factory to make it a natural part of city life.

Elon Musk is a disruptor, sometimes playing troublemaker just to provoke change. 

With his SpaceX company he relaunched the effort to conquer space. This effort cemented the idea that living on Mars was no longer just a dream but an achievable possibility.

And as chief executive of Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc. Report, the market leader in electric vehicles, he accomplished something most observers considered unthinkable: He almost forced the legacy car manufacturers to accelerate their adoption of EVs to reduce their CO2 emissions and pollute less.

The world’s richest man now wants to go further. 

Boardwalk, Bike, Kayak

Musk aims to reinvent the factory to make it a natural part of modern city life. 

He has just announced that he wants to build an “ecological paradise” in the Tesla campus near Austin. This project, designed to connect the factory to the heart of the city, would be open and accessible to the general public.

One wonders whether Musk envisions the paradise sitting on an island. He says that employees and visitors would use “retro-futuristic-design” boats built by Tesla to come to work or to get to the project.

The billionaire remarked on the subject following a Teslarati article indicating that Tesla had applied to expand its giant factory near Austin, which officially opened April 7. 

This factory currently produces the Model Y SUV/crossover and has production capacity of 250,000 vehicles a year. And beginning next year the site will also manufacture the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

The carmaker wants to add 500,000 square feet (46,450 sq. meters) to its factory, according to the filing with the city of Austin.

“Ecological paradise plans from south portion of Giga Texas to river look great,” Musk said.

The richest man in the world then gave some details on this green space, which will surely stand out compared with the ultramodern headquarters of the tech giants in Silicon Valley.

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“Area from south Giga to river really will be next-level great & open to public!” the tycoon detailed.

He added: “Long-term goal is a boardwalk with amenities that goes all the way to downtown Austin, so you can walk, bike or kayak.”

Love, and Mockery, on Social Media

The project generated interest, and applause, among Musk’s millions of fans on the social networks.

“Will you be renting out tesla kayaks?” one Twitter user asked Musk.

“Maybe little electric Tesla boats with a retro-futuristic Victorian design,” the billionaire responded.

This latest announcement particularly delighted fans who already imagine going to work in a Tesla boat.

“Every time I think you’ve said the coolest thing, you always say something cooler! Lol,” commented one fan.

“Only you can do it!” added another Twitter user referring to Musk.

But the announcement also caused a torrent of jokes.

“Elon, it is such a beautiful idea!” said one user.

“With elves to serve drinks,” quipped another user.

“Tesla model B,” joked one user. 

Tesla designates some of its vehicles with letters: the Model S sedan and the Model Y and Model X SUVs and crossovers.

Musk made clear, however, that this ecological paradise and its retro-futuristic boats are for the future. Tesla will first focus on making the Austin plant profitable.

“We must first get the factory financially on its feet,” the billionaire said.

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