McDonald’s Menu Adds an Interesting New Side Dish

Forget fries, something else has popped up on the McDonald’s menu.

Fries are the perfect accompaniment to just about any meal, sandwich or burger at a restaurant. However, the global fry shortage caused by supply chain issues has caused fast-food establishments to scramble for other, just as tasty, side dish options to keep customers happy.

McDonald’s MCD even had to take their large fry off the menu in some countries. When Restaurant Brands International’s QSR Burger King was hit by the potato shortage, it did something we never saw coming. To recreate the iconic french fry at its restaurants in Japan, Burger King introduced what it calls its “almost potato set” consisting of a burger and fried ramen noodles as the side dish. Good news to you though, the potato supply chain issue has not affected the United States.

McDonald’s has a lot of interesting side dishes that vary from country to country, often introducing a popular dish important to the country. On July 20, the company introduced a new side dish: Japanese curry rice.

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McDonald’s Has a Different Type of Side Dish

Is the Japanese curry rice available in Japan McDonald’s? No. Ironically, it’s only available in Thailand. Ten years ago, McDonald’s had a curry rice in Thailand, but it was a Thai curry. This time, they’ve opted for Japanese curry rice.

You can order your Japanese curry rice from a McDonald’s smart machine in the store, where it can take your order without needing to put your order in with an employee. These systems have not yet become popularized in Japan, so McDonald’s is a bit futuristic.

There are two types of Japanese curry rice on the McDonald’s menu. One is a Japanese Curry Rice Fried Chicken, and the second is a Curry Rice Fried Chicken with Egg. The first costs $2.42 and the second $2.96. You can also make it a meal with chicken nuggets, a fry and a drink for $4.05 and $4.59. 

The curry rice comes in a black plastic box with the fried chicken and rice on one side and a shallow box of curry on the other, which has some vegetables in it.

McDonald’s is not known for making changes or additions to its side menu in the U.S. It knows that its customers love what’s already on the menu, and U.S. McDonald’s succeeds despite adding new side dishes regularly. The most they’ve added is Shaker Fries, a flavored seasoning packet you can put on your fries and smoky nacho cheese sauce, but those are not available anymore.

McDonald’s Has Sides Around the World

McDonald’s in other countries often add new side dishes to reflect a culturally significant meal in that country. For example, Australian McDonald’s has ham and cheese pockets, while Chinese McDonald’s have congee and red bean boba tea.

The current list of sides on the U.S. McDonald’s website are the World Famous Fries and apple slices for healthifying your child’s meal. It seems the strategy is working out for U.S. McDonald’s because it is the biggest and most popular fast-food chain in America. 

Burger King comes in handy with the sides, including onion rings, jalapeno cheddar bites, mozzarella sticks, and cheesy tots. McDonald’s, however, has not introduced an onion ring side to compete with Burger King for a battle of the onion rings.

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