McDonald’s Brings Back a Beloved Breakfast Classic

The fast-food chain teased its biggest fans on Twitter, but now it has actually brought back a much-requested item.

For weeks McDonald’s (MCD) – Get McDonald’s Corporation Report had a Tweet pinned to the top of its Twitter feed that simply said “bring back…” It was an invite for fans to share which menu favorites from the past they wanted to see return.

Some of the responses were, of course, ridiculous. Nobody actually wants McPizza back and the McDLT was a ridiculous relic of an era where fast food was served in styrofoam containers. The thread reminded you that McDonald’s had a lot of bad ideas over the years (Fish McBites, anyone?) but the chain also has a lot of nostalgia built up for a variety of menu items.

A lot of the chain’s fans wanted to see the McDonald’s Snack Wraps return. Those could actually make a comeback because they’re still sold in Canada, but the chain has yet to bring them back. McSalad Shakers were also a popular request, perhaps because McDonald’s does not have a salad of any sort on its menu right now.

The chain, it should be noted, did not promise to actually bring any menu items back, but the simple Twitter query did feel like a form of market research. This was McDonald’s tapping into nostalgia to see which items its customers really wanted.

Now, at least on a limited basis, it has listened and brought back one old favorite,

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McDonald’s Dropped Two Menu Items in January

In January of this year, McDonald’s took breakfast wraps and breakfast bagels off its menu. At the time the company issued a statement that seemed both respectful and mocking.

“It is with love and deep respect for one another that we announce that we are parting ways with Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps. Despite speculation and following a trial separation period, Breakfast Bagels & Breakfast Wraps will not be returning to the menu,” the statement read.

In a vague way, the move was sort of blamed on the chain’s popular McMuffin breakfast sandwich.

“We adore each other deeply but our love for the iconic McMuffin was simply too hard to ignore. We want our fans to know this is a mutual decision, to the extent that a bagel can make its own decision,” McDonald’s added.

That’s sort of a mix of a joke and insulting, but at the end of the day (well, really the beginning of the day) the chain eliminated Breakfast Wraps and Breakfast Bagels.

Now, however, one of those items is poised for a comeback.

McDonald’s Brings Back a Menu Classic

It always seemed odd that McDonald’s dropped the Breakfast Bagel line, because the only difference between it and the chain’s other breakfast sandwiches was the bread. Bagels are a very common bread for a breakfast sandwich and seemed to make sense alongside English muffins, biscuits, and the pancake-like McGriddle.

Now, McDonald’s has brought back its bagel sandwiches on a limited basis perhaps as a precursor to a national rollout. The return includes the Steak Bagel, which was heavily requested on Twitter,

“The fast-food chain has announced the return of its popular breakfast bagel sandwiches, including the Steak, Egg & Cheese sandwich that more than 20,000 people petitioned to have back on the menu,” Fox 8 Ohio reported.

The offer is for a limited time and right now appears to only be in limited states. In those select locations, McDonald’s will offer “four fan-favorite sandwiches: Steak, Egg & Cheese; Bacon, Egg & Cheese; Sausage, Egg & Cheese, and Egg & Cheese Bagel.”

 The chain has not commented on a national rollout or set a timetable for the limited-time offer.

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