Kara Swisher is keeping a close eye on companies you wouldn’t expect

With so many up-and-coming industries, companies, and people leading those companies, it’s hard to gauge the contenders and pretenders. Renowned journalist Kara Swisher joined TheStreet to share which industries and names she’s keeping her eye on.

Full Video Transcript Below:

SARA SILVERSTEIN: Is there a person in our company in tech that isn’t a household name yet, but you think should be?

KARA SWISHER: Uh, no, I think they’re pretty obvious. Like the Sam Altman’s of the world. You know, I met him when he was 19 and had a failed company called Loopt, which I didn’t think was going to make it, and it didn’t. But, you know, you sort of see some people. I’m really interested in those who are making investments in health care and climate change tech. I think they’re kind of really interesting and they have more of a mission driven kind of thing going on. And I kind of also there’s lots of prophets, FYI, so that’s good too. 

I just interestingly, did I don’t know if he’s going to be the one that does it of course, Reed Jobs, who’s the son of Steve Jobs, has an investment company around health care. I’m super interested in people that are people like him that are doing that. He’s trying to make cancer non-lethal for obvious reasons, personal reasons and investment reasons. And they’re doing it through a combination of philanthropy and investment. There’s all these really interesting things happening in the health space and the climate space that I think are interesting. Even these weight loss drugs, I think is going to change a lot. You’re going to sort of kill the diabetic industrial complex and good riddance to that. And so you just have to look. Psychedelics, I think are interesting, a lot more in health care and physical things like climate change, tech. 

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