If You’re Looking for a Job, Check Out These Companies

Glassdoor put together a list of the top companies based on reviews from their current and former employees.

Looking for a new job or your first job? Here are some companies you might consider.

Glassdoor, a website where current and former employees review their companies, created a list of the top companies, according to those reviews. The winners, in order, along with quotes from reviews are:

1. Gainsight, a business software company. Reviews:

“Workplace diversity is significantly higher than anywhere else I’ve worked. I didn’t think this mattered too much in the past, but after experiencing it, I can say it’s refreshing.”

“Leadership is passionate about helping you get better and better in a very encouraging way.”

2. Box, a cloud-storage company. Reviews:

“Clear career framework with metrics, so you know when you are eligible for promotion.”

“They have an [employee research group] for almost any group — Black Excellence Network, Box Women’s Network, and Families@Box.”

“Best product in our space. Our customers know it.”

3. Bain, a consulting firm. Reviews:

“People are invested in your success, colleagues are fun to be around and have high [emotional IQs]. Interesting projects and hyper-speed professional development, fantastic compensation.”

“Not as stuffy as I thought it would be, and I got to work with some really great people.”

4.McKinsey, a consulting firm. Reviews:

“Great culture and values and focus on client servicing.”

“The benefits are great, and you can shape your career for it to align with your passions.”

“Great learning environment and great colleagues.” “It is very flexible and people are great.”

5. Nvidia, a semiconductor maker. Reviews:

“The culture of the company is inclusive and encouraging, and the people I work with are intelligent, patient, talented, and supportive.”

“Great culture around designing the highest performance products based on what can be done versus what is ‘good enough’.”

6. Mathworks, a math software company. Reviews:

“Leadership is transparent. This is the first time in my career I’ve looked forward to going to work every day.”

“Work-life balance is good, and there are no late night calls, unlike other companies.”

“Great colleagues and good rational workplace.”

7. Boston Consulting Group, a consulting firm. Reviews:

“BCG lives by its values. The culture is evident from the moment you join and is embedded into everything we do.”

“People are great, and there is a focus on making the job as sustainable as possible.”

8. Alphabet, the technology company that owns Google. Reviews:

“The company and colleagues care about well-being, respect, and inclusivity in the workplace.”

“The people are great and almost always assume the best of you. I never had bad interactions or felt the need to prove myself.”

9. ServiceNow, a cloud software company. Reviews:

“Excellent culture — promotion of growth, embracing diversity and inclusion.”

“ServiceNow has more ‘A’ players than any other company. I don’t know how they find so many great people.”

10. In-N-Out Burger, a fast-food chain. Reviews:

“The company will always take care of its associates even through rough times economically.”

“It was good pay, and they are really considerate on your personal schedule. They understand that you are a student or family man.”

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