Honda’s new plug-in hybrid skips the gas pump for this novel zero-emissions fuel

The wide adoption of hybrid technology has been a raving success for Japanese automaker Honda.  (HMC)  Though the brand is about to release its long-awaited Prologue crossover EV, over one-quarter of its total sales in 2023 consisted of hybrid models of its popular Accord sedan and CR-V crossover SUV.

As sales strategies shift from highlighting EVs to prioritizing hybrids and plug-ins for other large and well known automakers like General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, Honda is introducing a new kind of plug-in hybrid – one that doesn’t need any gas whatsoever.

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Meet the Honda CR-V e:FCEV

2025 Honda CR-V eFCEV


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Honda’s new CR-V e:FCEV is a new take on the plug-in hybrid, forgoing a gas-powered engine for a powertrain centered on a hydrogen fuel cell. The automaker says that the e:FCEV is like no other hydrogen vehicle sold stateside, as it is the first plug-in hybrid fuel-cell vehicle to be offered. 

The key difference between this and other hydrogen-powered cars is that as a plug-in hybrid, the special CR-V can be plugged in for some all-electric miles in addition to the zero-emission miles provided by the hydrogen fuel-cell. 

Under the skin of this Honda is the e:FCEV’s special powertrain setup – an in-house design consisting of a 92.2-kWh fuel cell module paired with a front mounted electric motor, making 174 horsepower and 224 pound feet of torque. Additionally, a 17.7 kWh battery pack powers up to 29 miles of all electric driving in addition to the 270 miles on hydrogen alone. 

A cutaway shows the hydrogen fuel-cell powering the 2025 Honda CR-V eFCEV.


Though Honda is dead-set on making this special crossover as efficient as possible, the brand felt that it had to be fun to drive as well. To help compensate for the additional components added by the hydrogen fuel cell, the engineers and Honda tune to suspension to give it a more sporty feel and added selectable drive modes, such as snow and sport mode.

On the outside, the silhouette of the CR-V e:FCEV nearly looks the same as any old CR-V on the road, but subtle styling details let you know that this is “the hydrogen one.” This zero emissions SUV gets a more aggressive front bumper, featuring larger grilles, slim headlights, black 18-inch wheels and sporty clear taillights.

On the inside, the CRV comes fully loaded with many of the options from the top of the line touring model, featuring a plethora of standard features like a 12-speaker Bose sound system, a 9-inch infotainment screen featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android auto and premium bio-based leather heated seats and steering wheel.

Inside the 2025 Honda CR-V eFCEV


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The e:FCEV fits itself as part of Honda’s diverse lineup electrified and zero emissions vehicles that includes gas-hybrid versions of the Accord, CR-V, with the Civic Hybrid due later this year. The automaker is committed to having 100% of its lineup be battery electric and fuel cell vehicles by 2040.

Pricing for the CR-V e:FCEV has not been revealed by Honda just yet, but the automaker plans to only offer the vehicle to customers in California as part of a special lease plan. 

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