Google’s Excellent Nest Hub Smart Display Is Just $50

This entry-level smart display provides instant access to the Google Assistant and is 50% off.

Whether you got a gift card for the holidays or maybe some cash, we found one of the best post Christmas deals. Meet the Nest Hub, Google’s  (GOOGL) – Get Free Report entry-level 7-inch smart display that lets you stream music, control smart home devices, or even ask the ‘Google Assistant’ a question.

Right now it’s a full 50% off at BestBuy  (BBY) – Get Free Report for just $49.99. Additionally, you get your pick of four colors: Chalk, Sand, Mist, or Charcoal.

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Nest Hub ($49.99, originally $99.99 at BestBuy)


Just like an Echo Show or the larger Nest Hub Max, the Nest Hub is a smart display with the Google Assistant. Like most Google hardware, it has a modern design in a few fun shades. It fits comfortably on most surfaces–be it a desk, countertop, or nightstand–and gives the effect that the 7-inch display is floating above.

You’ll be able to control the display with your fingers or your voice. Thanks to far-field microphones built-in, you can ask the Assistant for anything. With connected smart home gadgets like a light bulb, smart outlet, or even a TV, you can ask to turn those devices on. But more everyday questions like the weather, to set a timer, or just a generic question can be accomplished just as easily here.

With speakers built-in you can pump up the tunes and with some Google tech, it mixes the track in real-time to let it shine. This way any genre can play in its best form and the Nest Hub doesn’t shy away from surprisingly strong bass either. You can also stream YouTube videos natively on the display and content from other services like Netflix.

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Unlike an Echo Show 5 or Show 8, the Nest Hub doesn’t feature a camera onboard. So from a privacy standpoint, the Nest Hub is a bit stronger in that regard. Via a switch on the back you can turn off and mute the microphones.

However, one unique feature of the Nest Hub is a sensor stack—not containing a camera, but rather LiDar and other sensors—up top that allow it to track your sleep. Since it’s using sensors to detect motion or breathing, you won’t need to wear a device. It’s pretty similar to the Halo Rise. You can of course choose to use this and it is entirely opt-in.

At just $49.99, the Nest Hub is an excellent deal. Whether you’re starting a smart home or want to expand yours, it’s an easy way to do that and allows for simple control of other devices. The 7-inch display and speaker stack make it excellent for content playback as well.

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