Fitbits Are on Sale and Can Still Arrive Before the Holidays

We’re rounding up a few last minute smartwatch deals that won’t break the bank and can still arrive before Christmas.

Jan. 1 doesn’t need to be the official start to your New Years Resolutions of jumping back into a healthy lifestyle after the holiday feasting finally passes us by. 

Likewise, if you’re still on the lookout for that final present on your shopping list, it’s never been a better time to snag a fitness tracker or smartwatch. 

An assortment of Fitbit models are currently on sale, and if you act fast, can still make it in time to be wrapped under the tree. Ahead we’re breaking out our favorite picks, but you can also visit the Fitbit Amazon store if you already know what you want to choose.

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Top Pick: Fitbit Sense Smartwatch

Price: $184.94, originally $299.95 at Amazon

I have personally been using the Fitbit Sense since February (purchased individually–I did not receive product for testing) and I’ve been using the small band, while my husband uses a large band with his Fitbit. This is a slightly older model, as there is a Sense 2 also available, but I didn’t find enough differences between the models to go for the upgrade at the time. 


There’s not much this Fitbit can’t do. I wear it all day, every day and it only needs to be charged about once a week. If you’re constantly using the GPS functionality, it needs to be charged more frequently.

The Sense is very comfortable to wear and the screen is the perfect size for even a more petite frame. The rubber watch band is very compatible for workouts, and it’s easily cleaned.

I don’t wear it often as a sleep monitor, however, since I find wearing a watch to bed to be uncomfortable (and for me, it’s unnecessary since I’m a hard sleeper). If you’re trying to track your sleep habits more thoroughly, though, you’ll need to wear it a couple nights in a row for it to accurately track body temperature and sleep patterns.

Time Display and Text/Call NotificationsHeart Rate MonitorSleep MonitorMenstrual Health Tracking (within the app)Activity Tracker / Workout tracker / PedometerStress TrackingOximeterBody Temperature MonitorGPSECG app for Afib detectionCan pair with Alexa and Google for voice assistance 


I’m going to be nit-picky here because the overall function of the Sense has been very positive.

It doesn’t track my steps as accurately as the Apple Watch, and my guess is because I take shorter steps in my outdoor runs (due to hills) than I do on the treadmill. The heart rate monitor also doesn’t seem to track as accurately as the Apple Watch–it’s regularly a little lower than what I know it should be at. 

Honorable Mention: Fitbit Versa 4

Price: $155, originally $229.95 at Amazon


Once again, most of the core Fitbit health options are available in the Versa 4 model.

Time Display and Text/Call NotificationsHeart Rate MonitorSleep MonitorMenstrual Health TrackingActivity Tracker / Workout tracker / PedometerStress Management (without all-day body response tracking)OximeterBody Temperature MonitorGPSCan pair with Alexa and Google for voice assistance


The only things missing from the Versa is the ECG and the all-day body response tracking. Similar to my experience with the Sense, the main drawback of the Fitbit Versa 4 is the heart rate tracking, according to many reviewers. It’s not as accurate as competing trackers.

Most Stylish: Fitbit Luxe

Price: $99.95, originally $129.95 at Amazon

If you’re buying for beauty, look no further. With soft gold accents and a variety of colors, the Luxe fitness tracker can also function as a stylish wearable. 


The price is definitely one of the biggest winners at the moment, since you’re going to get a pretty stylish fitness tracker for one of the lowest prices that Fitbit offers.

It also supports:

Time Display and Text/Call NotificationsHeart Rate MonitorSleep MonitorMenstrual Health Tracking (in app)Activity Tracker / Workout tracker / PedometerStress management tools


It’s missing a lot of the helpful tracking pieces that the more expensive Sense and Versa offer, like the built-in GPS, skin temperature tracking, and ECG capabilities. It also has one of the lowest battery life ranges with up to five days per charge.

Longest Battery Life: Fitbit Charge 5

Price: $99.95, originally $149.95 at Amazon


The Charge 5 is one of the most popular picks with a classic fitness tracker design and many of the features that Fitbit is known for. 


It offers almost everything that the more expensive Sense and Versa’s offer as long as you upgrade to premium membership. Additionally, it boasts up to seven days of battery life on a full charge.

Time Display and Text/Call NotificationsHeart Rate MonitorSleep MonitorMenstrual Health Tracking (in app)Activity Tracker / Workout tracker / PedometerStress management tools and sensorsBuilt-in GPSDaily readiness score (premium membership required)


While technically only missing the Alexa assistant feature and the variety of clock faces, my main gripe with the Charge 5 (and why it’s ultimately last on my list) is the screen clarity.

I had purchased the Charge 5 for my elderly parent since she had really liked the previous models, however, after using it for a while the screen brightness dimmed considerably over time. It would require a manual restart, but even after I fussed with it, within 24 hours it would be back to a dim, barely visible screen.

I’m not entirely sure if her watch was just a dud, so take my experience with a grain of salt.

Fitbit Scale: Fitbit Aria Body Weight and BMI Smart Scale

Price: $39.95, originally $49.95 at Amazon

This is a great accessory–if you don’t feel shy about giving a smart scale to someone, that is. Or, maybe you have your own Fitbit and want a matching smart scale. 

The Fitbit Aria syncs up with your Fitbit dashboard via Bluetooth, and can show your progress over time with simple graphs. It also estimates your BMI (body mass index).

The best part is if you have multiple users, especially multiple Fitbit users, it can sync up with their app programs as well. 

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.

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