Disney World Bringing Back a Beloved Classic Ride

The theme park often takes away classic attractions but in this case, it’s bringing one back.

Theme parks generally clear out old rides and attractions to make way for new ones. That has generally been the policy of Walt Disney (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report and Comcast’s (CMCSA) – Get Comcast Corporation Class A Common Stock Report Universal Studios as they do battle in the highly-competitive Florida market.

Both companies own a lot of land, but new rides, restaurants, shows, and attractions generally have to fit within the existing scope of any existing theme park. Disney only has so many slots available at each of its four parks and something new to be built, something old has to go away.

This happened recently at Epcot where Disney closes the dated “Ellen’s World of Energy,” to make way for its new “Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.” Basically, the company took a slow (and sort of boring) ride and replaced it with the park’s first-ever roller coaster.

That’s the type of trade most theme park visitors will be happy with. You, of course, do have some people who wish things could stay the same forever, but most theme park fans willingly accepted older rides closing to be replaced by something newer and better.

Usually, that means that when any ride closes, especially an older one, at one of Disney’s or Universal’s theme parks, people wonder if it would open again. That’s what many people were thinking when the Walt Disney World Railroad closed way back in 2018.

The company had said the closure was related to the construction of the new “Tron:Lightcycle” roller coaster, but after roughly four years, many fans were skeptical. Now, Disney has not only said the train will run again, but it has also begun taking steps to make that happen.


Tron Really Did Keep the Disney Railroad in the Station  

While the Walt Disney World Railroad is something between a ride and transportation, it’s kind of a classic part of the park. It was sort of pointless, but little kids (and some bigger ones) enjoy riding a train. That’s certainly not a modern theme park experience but at a park built for families, it made a lot of sense and took some people out of lines for other rides.

Now, Disney has shared some concrete proof the Disney World Railroad is getting ready to make its return, according to BlogMickey.com.

“Our week started off on the right track! Our first group of Magic Kingdom Cast Members began TRAINing – the next step in the ongoing process to restore the Walt Disney World Railroad. Welcome aboard, and welcome home Engineers!,” the Mouse House posted along with an image of the first training class.

Disney World Walks a Fine Line 

Unlike its other parks or either Universal park, Disney World must balance between new and nostalgia. People come to Disney World at least partly to take their kids on the classic rides like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Haunted Mansion.” Those classics have a place in the park, but Disney must also add modern rides as it’s doing with “Tron: Lightcycle.”

Disney World is a park that caters to young families (and older families looking to relive the past). It has a lot of dated rides by design and even its thrill rides like “Space Mountain” are sort of quaint compared to newer attractions.

The Disney World Railroad is certainly a nod to the past, but it’s a well-loved part of the park’s history and many fans will be happy about its return. 

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