Cooling, Customizable Pillows That Make Amazon Shoppers ‘Sing Hallelujah’ Are Just $21 Apiece Right Now

We all know getting a great night’s sleep is paramount for our overall health. As the National Institute of Health points out, not getting adequate rest can “affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others.”

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Ensuring you catch your ZZZs requires going to bed at the appropriate time for you to get the right amount of hours for your age, but it can also require having the right equipment. Namely, a comfy bed and the right pillow. And that’s where the Cooling Bed Pillows by Supa Modern come in.

The high-tech pillows are designed to keep your body at the right temperature for optimal sleep thanks to the ultra-soft bamboo material on one side and the cooling surface on the other. The pillow’s core is made with shredded memory foam and gel, which sleepers can fluff and position to their personalized comfort to best support their head and neck in all the right places. The density can be adjusted from firm to soft in a snap, too; all it takes is removing or adding back in the shredded foam. Perhaps the best part is, the pillows promise never to go flat, offering years of comfort to come. All these qualities make it little surprise that the pillows have a near 5-star rating across more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon.

“I normally like a more flat pillow because higher and thicker pillows tend to give me a headache,” one Amazon reviewer who titled their review “Pillows that make you sing Hallelujah” wrote. “These don’t give me a headache, and they are also the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever had. Back sleeping and side sleeping are the most comfortable positions to sleep on them in. Stomach sleeping is not bad either. I immediately drift off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. They are very plush and soft. They will definitely hold their shape for a long time.”

Supa Modern Cooling Bed Pillows With Shredded Memory Foam, Queen 2-Pack, $42 (was $60) on Amazon


“These pillows are an experience worth experiencing,” another 5-star reviewer said. “I was skeptical, but they work as advertised. I will be buying another set for my spare bedroom and I will never buy a pillow from another company again. I have become a loyal customer due to my quality of sleep I get on warm nights because of these pillows.”

The outer shell of the pillow is fully removable and machine washable, making care a breeze. The only foreseeable problem is you may need to buy more than one for your partner so you don’t have to share. Luckily, the Queen two-packs are on sale for nearly 30% off right now thanks to the sale price combined with an extra 20% off clickable coupon, so go ahead and give the gift of great sleep to both you and someone you love while the pillows net out to $21 apiece. These are available as singles and sets in Queen, King, and Travel sizes with various discounts, too.

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