Bud Light Scandal: Dog the Bounty Hunter Follows Kid Rock

Kid Rock opened the door for every second-tier star to try to get more famous or recapture fame that has been gone for a long time by offering their opinion on Bud Light using a transgender influencer in a marketing campaign. When Rock turned his automatic weapon on cases of the Anheuser-Busch (BUD) – Get Free Report beer, he showed an awful lot of less famous people how to get people talking about them.

Using outrage over social issues and how companies handle them has been part of the marginal fame playbook for a while. Dennis Miller extended his career by going from esoteric comic to right-wing (but still esoteric) radio host.

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Pushing back against so-called “woke” culture has created a career for Rob Schnieder that involves more than hoping Adam Sandler calls and it even gave Roseanne a platform after her fall from grace. When Rock shined a light on Bud Light working with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a crude way and got more famous for doing so, well, that opened the floodgates.

A lot of country music artists rushed to show that they too did not want to drink a beer that promotes inclusivity, but most tried to avoid being overly offensive in doing so. Many of the sort-of famous and actually famous musicians who disavowed Bud Light did so while saying they respect Mulvaney’s choices but don’t want them “pushed in their faces.”

That was a refrain echoed a lot on social media, but it’s not one shared by Dog the Bounty Hunter. The former reality TV star did an interview on July 18 with online Christian ministry founder Sharell Barrera where he made it very clear how he felt about Mulvaney, threatening the social media star and openly ignoring her preferred pronouns.

“If I ever see him, I’m dropping him,” Dog said, according to the New York Daily News

The bounty hunter, sitting alongside his wife, also brought out this old chestnut of homophobia.

“The pride comes before the fall,” Dog stated earlier in the conversation, referring to the recent Pride Month celebrations across the country. “God made Adam and Eve … not Adam and Steve.”

Dog also used his Christian faith to justify his threats to Mulvaney (which included threatening to give her two black eyes).

‘People playing at church is what led to Bud Light. I’d like to get that punk down, rebuke Satan out of him, and just give him a couple black eyes.” he said. “…There’s two ways to rebuke [homosexual individuals]: in Jesus’ name and then physically,” Dog said,

Kid Rock started the entire Bud Light boycott by posting a video on social media.


Dog Faces Backlash, Tries to Walk Back Comments

After his appearance with Barrera, which aired on Facebook Live, Dog tried to walk back some of his comments during an appearance on the “Two Guys From Hollywood” podcast. He did not apologize but tried to make it clear that his threats of violence weren’t real.

“Dog says he’s never actually beat anyone down, and he wants to show people mercy and give them grace,” TMZ, which broke the story, reported. “What’s more, Dog says if Dylan was ever attacked by thugs he would jump in to help DM…and he says he’s sorry for contributing to Dylan feeling unsafe.”

The former TV star did say he was still uncomfortable with Mulvaney’s lifestyle and and was reluctant to use use she/her pronouns.

Dog’s daughter with his deceased wife Beth Chapman went on Facebook to distance herself from her father’s statements.    

“I’m honestly embarrassed to be mentioned on this hateful, disgusting, trash spewing out of my father’s mouth. You all know I’m a daddy’s girl and I love my father. However, this crosses a line. I was not raised by this man, he was not this way until recently,” Chapman wrote.

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