Bill Gates is Getting as Snarky as Elon Musk

Microsoft co-founder uses the retirement of Internet Explorer to troll conspiracy nutjobs.

Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Microsoft Corporation Report co-founder Bill Gates is a classic nerdy software guy.

He offers up earnest book recommendations, and tweets about climate change, and thank-you tweets to people like Warren Buffett who donate billions to Gates’ charitable foundation.

The onetime richest man in the world generally isn’t noted for having much of a sense of humor, at least not on Twitter.

But on June 15 Gates broke from the mold a bit. 

As it happens, June 15 marks the last day of support from Microsoft for one of its biggest, and most controversial, successes. After 26 years, the software company’s once-dominant Internet Explorer web browser is no longer being supported by the company. Instead, it’s pushing forward with Microsoft Edge, its newer and more improved browser.

The Daily Show marked the end of Internet Explorer with a tweet:

Wow, Bill Gates encourages everyone to get vaccinated, then a year later Internet Explorer dies. Coincidence???

Those watching at home may recall that among Gates’ other projects, he pushed hard for covid vaccinations as the pandemic surged. 

That support prompted anti-vaxer nutjobs to offer up wild-eyed “theories” that Gates was using the vaccines to inject microchips into people to make it easier to control them.

Surprisingly enough, several hours after the Daily Show tweet on June 15, Gates twitted a succinct reply: “I guess we finally ran out of microchips.”

OK, it’s not up there with Musk on buying Coca Cola to add back the cocaine. But hey, at 66, Gates is still with it enough to engage with the wacky world of online social media and score some snark points, even though he could, technically, apply for Social Security. Baby boomers aren’t done yet!

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