Beyond Meat Executive Arrested For Biting Someone’s Nose

The COO of the meat alternative company was reportedly arrested in parking garage dispute that escalated in a very unusual way

Parking garage disputes can be frustrating. 

As drivers struggle to get out of busy parking structures, it’s almost inevitable that some conflicts will arise. Typically, they can be resolved with a few honks, or some profane words and gestures. 

Sometimes, however, things can go a bit farther, as apparently was the case over the weekend for Doug Ramsey, the chief operating officer of Beyond Meat  (BYND) – Get Beyond Meat Inc. Report.

Ramsey was reportedly involved in a dispute in a parking garage after a football game in Fayetteville, Ark., on Sept. 17.

After another car made contact with Ramsey’s, he allegedly got out, punched a window in the offending car, then began attacking the driver. In the altercation that followed, Ramsey allegedly bit the nose of the other driver, KNWA reported. He was arrested on charges of third-degree battery and making terroristic threats, according to the report.

Ramsey was hired by Beyond Meat last November for $475,000 a year. He was also granted restricted stock units in the company potentially worth several million dollars, according to an SEC filing.

Twitter exploded with reactions after the report surfaced. 

Some questioned Ramsey’s commitment to the company’s product. 

Others suggested it was only a matter of time.

Others took it as an opportunity to suggest an expansion of the Beyond Meat product line.

But perhaps the most popular initial reaction was a predictable one as well.

While Beyond Meat has struggled to win broad acceptance, it did receive some good news this month as Panda Express announced plans to return Beyond Meat Original Orange Chicken to its menu. 

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A court date for Ramsey has reportedly been set for October.

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