Bad Timing: Netflix Lists $900,000 AI Job Amidst Writers Strike

Perhaps the only thing hotter than rising temps across the U.S. is the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) in entertainment. 

Whether or not actual robots (or computer programs) will replace a large swath of those currently employed in the industry remains to be seen, but that’s not stopping some companies from flirting with the edges of what’s possible. 

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“AI developments represent some pretty interesting opportunities for us,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a Q2 2023 earnings call in May. “In fact, we’re already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately to better serve consumers.” 

But Disney has remained relatively opaque about its AI probe, other than saying its legal team is looking into it. And while it’s safe to assume that a lawyer examining artificial intelligence at Disney is probably well taken care of, the take-home pay probably pales in comparison to a role in the same new field that Netflix  (NFLX) – Get Free Report recently listed. 

According to a posting on Netflix’s job page, the FAANG company is a Machine Learning Platform Project Manager out of its Los Gatos, CA headquarters. The role has an option for remote work.

“Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence is powering innovation in all areas of the business. From helping us buy and create great content, helping members choose the right title for them through personalization, to optimizing our payment processing and other revenue-focused initiatives,” the listing reads. 

“The Machine Learning Platform (MLP) provides the foundation for all of this innovation. It offers ML/AI practitioners across Netflix the means to achieve the highest possible impact with their work by making it easy to develop, deploy and improve their machine-learning models.”

The base pay compensation for this role is between $300,000-$900,000. 

Some travel may be required, namely if the role is remote, though you can bet none of that travel is for a summit with SAG-AFTRA President Fran Dresher. 

Hollywood Strike Dramas Continue

Though Netflix has remained relatively quiet about the ongoing writers’ strike, some entertainment CEOs have been more outspoken. 

Disney’s Iger has claimed writers and actors aren’t being “realistic” about their demands.

Fran Dresher shot back shortly thereafter.

“He stuck his foot in it so bad that you notice none of the other CEOs are opening their mouths,” Drescher said of Iger. “There he is, sitting in his designer clothes and just got on his private jet at the billionaire’s camp, telling us we’re unrealistic when he’s making $78,000 a day. How do you deal with someone like that who’s so tone-deaf? Are you an ignoramus? I don’t understand. We need someone with character and courage to go into those boardrooms and say, ‘Listen, we’re doing this all wrong. Why are we doing this anyway? We’re in business with these people. They are who we are building our business off of.’”

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