A N64 Classic Is Coming to Switch With Multiplayer and Gamers Are Freaking Out

Classic video game remasters equal big money.

While the biggest names in video games are always trying to come up with a new IP, there’s a great way to pad their purses in the meantime: rereleases and remasters of yesteryear.

As console generations age while technology rapidly moves forward, enormous hits like Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy VII” and Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us” (which is now also an HBO series) slowly become harder to go back to, for a range of reasons from outdated graphics to in-game mechanics that have seen significant improvements since.

Rereleasing older games has been a financial goldmine for many video game companies. Square Enix saw a 43% revenue jump in the first half of its fiscal 2020 thanks to a fully overhauled “Final Fantasy VII Remake,” which included additional story and transformed the classic game into a much richer experience.

Now Microsoft-owned  (MSFT) – Get Free Report video game studio Rare is ready to wade into the pool with an HD remaster of one of its most-loved games from 1997.

‘GoldenEye 007’ Multiplayer

When it debuted in the late ’90s for the Nintendo 64, the original “GoldenEye 007” became an instant classic, selling eight million units worldwide and grossing $250 million. Collectors have paid just shy of $15K for a copy of the game since.

A remake of the iconic title was announced in September 2022 for Nintendo Switch and Xbox. However, questions about the game’s beloved multiplayer functions were unanswered until Wednesday, when the official website was updated to confirm that online multiplayer will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Video Games Chronicle reports.

“The original experience has been updated with improved control options (including dual analogue stick support), native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD (where supported), a consistent refresh rate and a full complement of achievements to unlock,” developer Rare said.

Both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox version of the game comes out on Jan. 27 to their respective subscription services, Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox GamePass.

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