16 Great Gifts for the Moms on Your List

Mothers of all kinds should be celebrated, and to show our appreciation for all the moms, we’ve complied a list of perfect gifts.

Who says we have to celebrate our mothers only one day a year? Our moms — or mother figures in some cases — are the backbone of our lives, and they’ve cared for us and raised us to be good humans (or they tried really hard, at least). 

They’ve fed us, clothed us, read us stories, and tended to our ouchies. They’ve protected us and sheltered us, all while letting us grow up and learn how to be independent. We still call on them for help and advice, and they’re still there to give it.

Mothers of all kinds should be celebrated every day, and to show our appreciation for all the moms, bonus moms, mom figures, and even mothers to be, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for all the moms in your life.

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Gifts for Book Lovers

Amazon Kindle ($99.99 at Amazon)


We adore our Kindle, which we recently used for a trip abroad. The power of the Kindle took us from reading zero books a month to almost ten. Once she finishes one book, your favorite mom only has to download the next. And if you add Kindle Unlimited, her choices are vastly expanded (though some titles available are better than others).

Books I’ve Read, A Reader’s Journal ($10.00 at Amazon)


From high-tech to decidedly low-tech, we love this reader’s journal for the bibliophile in your life. We admit we can’t often recall immediately our favorite books, or even why they were favorites, but with this journal book lovers can recount all the reasons why she loved — or didn’t love — the books she’s read.

15 Piece Magnetic Bookmarks ($4.99, originally $9.99 at Amazon)


If she’s still a fan of “old-fashioned” books with paper, these magnetic bookmarks are some of our favorite ways to mark a page. They’re lightweight and yet they don’t easily fall out of the book, and they don’t ruin the pages. The color palettes are also lovely.

Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

Wise Owl Hammock ($29.95 at Amazon)


Anyone who has dozed while cradled in a hammock, swinging in the breeze, knows it’s truly one of the best sleeps there is. This lightweight and easy to set up hammock will have your outdoorsy mom wrapped up in comfort. It only weighs 22.5 ounces so it’s easy to pack in, but holds up to 400 pounds when assembled properly.

I’d Rather be Camping Socks ($10.95 at Amazon)


For those days when she’s not able to get out of town and off the grid, she’ll have these adorable socks that let the family know she’d rather be in a tent than wherever else she is. They’re made from a super soft cotton and are built to last through many washings.

Gifts for Beauty Junkies

Mulberry Silk Eyemask ($29.99 at Brooklinen)


The very first priority for great skin and health is good sleep, and sometimes you need to block out all the light in order to get the prescribed eight hours.

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer ($37.04, originally $39.87 at Amazon)


This is the best hair dryer we’ve ever used. Sure, there are some at very high price points that say they’re the best, but for the money this is the most magical thing to happen to our hair routine. It styles and dries at the same time, which saves us about half an hour and a ton of frustration. Moms will look like they just stepped out of the salon and not the bathroom.

Gifts for Sports Fans

Handy Laundry Clear Tote Bag ($9.99 at Amazon)


Most stadiums require clear bags these days, and this one is both stylish and sturdy. It comes in black or pink, and holds everything including a standard sized water bottle. It makes heading through arena security easy, and keeps everything she might need handy.

Ultra Game NFL Women’s Tie Neck Super Soft Fleece Hoodie ($64.99 at Amazon)


Football fan moms will love the look and feel of this NFL licensed hoodie sweatshirt. The tie details at the neck add something different, so this isn’t the same old hoodie. In addition, it’s cut specifically for women, so no more getting swallowed up by a generic men’s sweatshirt.

Apple Watch SE ($249.99 at Amazon)

Jacob Krol/TheStreet

In addition to watching sports, there’s a good chance they may enjoy staying active. And with an Apple Watch SE, they can not only track workouts — everything from a run to a cycle to a dance — but also keep tabs on health, and even disconnect from their phone a bit.

Gifts for Home Chefs

Le Creuset Enameled Dutch Oven, 5 qt ($291.95, originally $319.95, amazon.com)

Le Creuset

Ask any chef, there’s much to be done with a great dutch oven. From baking bread to making stocks, soups, and stews, it’s one of the most perfect pieces of cooking equipment you can get. Moms will love the quality and durability of the treasured Le Creuset brand, which has been making these ovens to exact standards since 1925.

Always Pan ($95, originally $145 at Our Place)


A good pan is really essential for any home chef and this one is especially versatile. The basically universally loved Always Pan comes in bold, fun colors and aims to replace a bevy of different common kitchen tools.

Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug ($129.95 at Ember)


Moms are busy. There’s no way around that. One of our mom friends is so busy, she’s constantly leaving her coffee cup behind and then microwaving it later to heat it back up. If she had this smart cup from Ember, her coffee would be maintained at her perfect temperature for more than an hour, making microwaving a thing of the past.

Crazy Cups Flavored Coffee Variety Pack ($37.98 at Amazon)


With this variety pack of medium roast coffee flavors, your mom could have a different flavor every day for 50 days. Crazy Cups has packaged 30% more coffee than the average K cup, and she’ll love flavors like Chocolate Meltaway and Frosted Oatmeal Cookie.

Gifts for Mothers to Be

Muslin Burp Cloths 4-Pack ($9.99, originally $12.99 at Amazon)


Moms-to-be need practical gifts, and there’s nothing more practical than these soft, absorbent burp cloths. In the early days it seems just as much comes out of the baby as in, and a burp cloth is there to catch it all. New parents can never have enough of these.

WavHello LoveBub Security Blanket ($22.99 at Amazon)


How cute is this little lamb security blanket? In addition to being soft and snuggly, it has six different white noise tracks, 12 classic lullabies, and has a built-in night light. Also? It’s washable. So basically the perfect gift for the new mom in your life.

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